How safe are protein powders?

Most bodybuilding recipes include more than 100 hundred grams of powder protein, how safe is it to take them on the long run?

Here’s what I found:

It says the “suggested maximum intake” for daily protein would be 25% of total calorie intake (presumably given maintenance intake), which means about 2 to 2.5g per kg body weight. I don’t know if that means they want people to have that much protein or they’re saying that much protein is almost too much. The abstract also includes the line, “This is well below the theoretical maximum safe intake range for an 80 kg person (285 to 365 g/d)” so maybe this is the upper limit and the one before is the recommended amount.

100g/day is well below both of those amounts. Bodybuilders tend to go even up to 200, which should be completely safe for them given their weight.

edit: after reading relevant parts of the full review I believe the 25% protein of total caloric intake is the amount they’re recommending, for both athletes and the general public, assuming maintenance calorie intake. The much larger amount, 285-365g/day for an 80 kg person, is their upper safe limit.

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The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range is a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 35%. In other words, for an adult’s 2000 kcal/d diet, the IOM recommends a minimum of 50g/d and a maximum of 175g/d of protein.

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To answer the OP’s question I have been consuming 125g of whey protein isolate for about a year with no issues. In the end it’s just protein with flavoring added.

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Well, protein powders won’t put your eye out and they’re OK to snort but I still wear my seatbelt just in case.

@horsfield that’s quite the consultation, what kind of advice have you been getting?

Honestly I used to use them a lot and never had any issues; I imagine the only problems would be with them “going off” or poorly sourced ingredients. Considering how picky their consumer base would be [I mean that in a good way], I doubt it’s ever much of an issue (if at all) with the popular brands, at least.