How Soylent Works on SYSK

This should be an interesting episode.


Link for the lazy:


Great episode, I’m sure that many people just like me will end up here and trying Soylent.

I’m a fan of this podcast and I was disappointed. Neither Chuck nor Josh had even tried a taste of Soylent. And they made no mention of the vibrant industry it has spawned.

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They seem surprised at the notion that someone would enjoy consuming Soylent. As if we’re choking this stuff down for the sake of convenience. It is a shame they didn’t taste it before doing the podcast.


I was disappointed with the episode. It sounds like they did maybe 24 hours of research then made the podcast. If they would have ordered box they could have received the powder within 5 days, or 2.0 within 2 days of ordering from amazon.

You can tell when they don’t put in their due diligence on a topic. Its usually when they know they aren’t going to piss off any group of people that they think matters :cry:

They ended up trying it at the end of another more recent episode, but I can’t figure out which one right now.