How the US government made Americans fat and diabetic


As always, everything the government touches goes bad.

‘Fat Head’ producer Tom Naughton on how the misguided fear of saturated fat created a nation of obese diabetics.


Not always. And without government, we’d be at the mercy of oligarchs–more than we already are. Oligarchs will always try to co-opt government and only in lurches can the rest of us get our representation out ahead of moneyed interests. Still, it’s the only way to fight 'em.

Anyway, yes, government, especially when co-opted by big business, does make some pretty big mistakes sometimes.


Run for the hills when they start taking action “for the good of the children/women/minorities/working class/union members/taxpayer.” Gotta love the unstoppable torrent of minutiae , each succeeding the last with less and less concrete justification, all aimed at sucking away at the tax teat. It doesn’t matter if it really is good for the environment/children/economy/etc , as long as you get a bigger temporary piece of the pie.

If people think Americans are wasteful on food with $5-600 individual monthly food budgets, check out Congressional staff expenditures. Us peons got nothin’ on the royalty.


Jesus imaginary christ, it’ s the government that creates oligarchs, monopolies and the legal fiction that is corporation(created as a government tool and to remove personal responsibility), because it has the monopoly on force through laws and guns, as such it attracts special interests, it magnetizes and institutionalizes corruption.

Your whole post reminds me of this.

I highly recommend you watch this video so to not spew such nonsense in the future. The government is the root evil and nemesis to any individual and society, demonstrated by the fact that just in the last century alone governments killed over 260 million people when central banking(one of the main pillars of communism) and debt based money were introduced.


Wow, I’ve never heard of this guy, and now I know why. I’m not even sure where to start.


If you want something screwed up, leave it to a politician.


You do realize Tom Naughton is a comedienne and nothing else, right? Has absolutely ZERO medical background what so ever, right?


Let’s try to keep this civil and stick to facts and science; I went ahead and edited your first post @croatiansoylent. Interesting topic.


Is that even possible for him if he’s siding with the video? Not trying to be rude but there is science, and then there are things made up and cherry picked to sell videos. There isn’t even a debate worth having here.

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@Rutir, there has been numerous articles about this subject. Many of them provide alternative theories that are just as valid, and a few that point out the lack of study for ‘anti-fat’ before implementation. Sadly, it does seem that the government jumps the gun before anything is fully understood, and it has happened to numerous health concerns. Just because the government said something, doesn’t mean its true.


Meanwhile, big business designs food that makes our bodies overeat, and their only motivation is maximizing profit: in fact, publicly owned businesses have no responsibility but to maximize profit, not to be concerned for the health of their consumers.

And when you leave big business to regulate itself, you get the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, you get the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion, you get Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, you get your dog dying from treats made in China. Regulation has its ups and downs, but its ups (universal vaccination, say) have the chance to beat its downs in the long run.


To nitpick, it’s likely that only one of the theories is valid. Most of them are nonsense that we haven’t uncovered yet.


Well, its likely there is only one true answer, but all the theories and ideas are valid until disproven.