How to avoid a Soylent crash/coma?


a few times in the past days i’ve gotten some pretty severe brain fogging/food comas around lunch time with my soylent.

Today I started drinking at 9 and finished about 11. I made another batch at 1 and drank half by 1:30. around 2 I was essentially brain dead, not light headed, but like falling asleep at my desk at work. Another commenter mentioned his blood sugar had elevated while on soylent, so I’m wondering if I accidentally gave myself some sort of sugar crash.

I’m going to experiment with dosing equally throughout the day to see if this helps. In the mean time, has anyone got suggestions on how they portion their meals, and how long you take to consume each serving??

Have you noticed a crash from consuming the whole serving at once, or too close to another serving?


I would do what you just said, smaller and over a longer period. I recently switched my drinking method to just pounding a glass of Soylent first thing in the morning, instead of drinking it over a few hours. No change in feeling of fullness or crashes…less dishes since I’m not taking a meal with me anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maltodextrin is a fast absorbing carbohydratre that gives a quick energy release. It may be the culprit to your energy/sugar crash.


soylent is supposed to have a low glycemic index/load, so this is counter intuitive but could be true.


I thought I was the only one :open_mouth: … I’ve actually been experiencing an insulin spike induced carb coma after ingesting my afternoon’s soylent… which seems counterintuitive to me as Soylent is supposed to be low-GI. A carb coma implies to me that the glycemic index I isn’t as low as I’d hoped… as I don’t get the crash if I simply hold off on eating until later in the day. I wonder if they’ve done actual GI tests… kinda curious what the actual index would be.


I haven’t had similar issues on my end, but I’m very resilient to food-based swings in energy. (On my previous diet it was “Always Dead”, and now it’s always energetic).

From some of the other discussions, it was mentioned that the digestive enzymes break the complex carbs present in Soylent down to simpler forms. If that’s the culprit, I’m not sure what a good fix would be beside consuming it slowly over time. I tend to just take a swig every time I get a break and about 3/8ths of the day pitcher will last me the 8 hour workday.


I drink DIY/Soylent fairly slowly. I do 4 meals a day and it will take usually around an hour for one. My energy seems to be about the same all day long. This was one of the first things I noticed with DIY.


A good fix (IMHO and from what i have gathered from what people here said) would be reducing the enzymes doses a little bit and at the same time adding more bio-available version of vita-minerals. And ofcourse consuming this more slowly over time.


I think I have solved the issue by making sure that I shake EXTREMELY well before taking sips. It’s possible that I was having poorly mixed sips and not getting enough fibers etc which lower the glycemic index of the meal.

I’ve also started trying to sip in 20 minute intervals through the day. Effects are positive so far and energy levels are stable.


I chug a meal in about 3 minutes and feel fine. :smiley:


occam’s razor states the simplest reason is probably the truth. It can spike you if you drink 20 grams in 10 minutes. But that’s only 2 carbs of sugar. Not enough to overload you. More likely you should go to your doc and ask for a blood sugar test and A1C test. If you know a diabetic them to check you. It’s important you do this. Unfortunately a large number of people have spent a lifetime drinking high sugar beverages eating fast food and diabetes is all over the place. The symptoms you describe are the same I had when I discovered I’m a diabetic 20 years ago.


Thanks i’ll get that checked out


Well this seems to have happened again. I decided that it could be due to not getting enough water. I did some research online and it does look like increasing water intake will decrease blood sugar. I will try to have 2 cups of water per 670 ml serving and see if this improves my experience.


Never a bad idea–it feels like you’re drinking enough when you have Soylent, but really there’s no more water than in a typical solid meal, and you do need more.


I’ve found that I get this as well. Just started, so it may fade after a week or three, IDK.

I have 3-5 “meals” a day; I drink it down quickly. Can’t do it slow. Sorry, but I can’t just sip on it for hours or whatever, for a few reasons (besides, that’s hardly convenient for many). It seems to me that it should be something RL looks into, as regular healthy-ish meals of the same calorie size don’t have this effect. Again, it may be a longer-term adjustment thing, but if not, yeah, they should look into fixing this. (much like the gas issue)


It started happening when i switched to the soylent pitcher for my mixes. Before that i was using 2 liters of water to mix a full days meal, the volume of the soylent pitcher alone. I really think water is the issue, as the sluggishness goes away when i drink more water in side cups. I dont want to deal with making smaller more diluted batches so ill just have extra water on the side.


Wait, have you not been drinking water on the side? If so, that is almost definitely your problem. Soylent does not provide the water you need. Only the food. You should still be drinking as much or more water as you were before you started Soylent.


Speaking for myself, I drink plenty of water.

And beer.


Lot of things seem to be responsible for it, but drinking more water too seems to definitely help to an extent.


Realizing i did at one point make and drink soylent 1.0 with less water than 1.1 with no issues, inadequate water intake didnt seem to explain my crashes. i thought more about what has changed between 1.1 and 1.0.

I still have some 1.0 left and noticed its far thicker than 1.1. My current guess it’s that this makes it slower to absorb hence making the GI lower which is why i never experienced crashes on 1.0. Anyone else have thoughts about this?