How to balance 2 meals of Soylent & 1 meal of real food, calorie-wise?


So I am SUPER EXCITED to have just gotten my starter kit in the mail this week. I am looking forward to getting my shipment of Soylent in the next month or two.

My question is this - how do I balance 2 meals of Soylent with 1 meal out in the real world every day? I will be working full time and so on the days I work, I expect to go out and eat lunch with friends (or on some days, going out to dinner instead/as well). How will the additional calories impact my Soylent intake? What if I go out and drink at night? Should I count alcoholic calories and lower my Soylent intake accordingly? Also, how does the addition of real food to a soylent diet effect my intake of nutrition? Will I ‘ruin’ the effect of Soylent by regularly having another meal, or by cutting down the amount of Soylent I drink because I am consuming alcohol calories?


I think a lot of us are planning to consume “real food” along with our Soylent. If you want to just do straight math, one day of Soylent is 2100 calories, or 700 calories per “meal” on a 3 meal a day schedule. You should probably go find the online calculator to determine your approximate calorie requirements but, assuming 2100 a day is good for you, then you’d need to shoot for about 700 calories for your regular meal.

Provided that you’re currently consuming a less than ideal diet like most people in the US, replacing two meals with Soylent is likely going to get you closer to hitting the recommended daily amounts for each nutrient. That certainly sounds like a good thing to me. You should be careful to avoid foods with very high sodium, sugars, fats, etc., but that’s really more about avoiding the bad things than it is anything to do with Soylent.

Calories from alcoholic beverages are still calories (empty calories, the most delicious kind!), so I would assume that you’d still want to count them.


I’m a woman, so my daily intake goal is going to be between 1400-1600 calories, probably (not including alcohol because I am shit at remembering to include alcohol calories in my intake, lol). I noticed from pictures of the nutrition label that a typical scoop of soylent with oil is about 670 calories, so I’m not really sure how to split things up for my cal content. Maybe on days with food/soylent only use 1.5 scoops? Then I’ll have 400-600 calories for lunch.

That makes a lot of sense though, thanks for the response! I guess I’m just getting ahead of myself and turning excitement into nervous energy and overthinking everything.


I would get all three meals of Soylent and drink alcohol next to it. Just to make sure you hit all your micronutrients. You can replace soylent with healthy nutrient rich meals, but not with alcohol or junk food.

There is point that you could get fat in this way. But there is only one way to find out. In the future, I hope they will separate the maltodextrin from the rest of the soylent, so that you have more control about the calories in soylent.


if its 2000 for 6 scoops, its ~333 calories per scoop. a scoop is half a meal, so 3 scoops would give you 1000 calories.


Male, sedentary and about 2000 kcal daily intake to maintain weight.
I’ve been on a DIY soylent with 5-10 muggle meals per week since Nov. I have found for me that measuring my soylent meals (mostly breakfast and lunch) at 500 kcals each has helped me eat healthy and shed a few pounds.

if I consume a 500 kcal soylent for dinner (again breakfast and lunch are almost always soylent) then I have a nice deficit of 500 kcal for that day and helps me lose weight.

If I eat a 1,000 kcal muggle meal then I met my daily requirements.

If I feel I ate way over 1000 kcal (pizza with beer and late night cocktails at a party as an example) then I cut my morning soylent to about 250 kcal and maybe drink my lunch 500 kcal soylent a tad early if I start getting hungry again.

fyi: lost 17 pounds slowly but surely and can stand to lose about 7 more before I am at ideal weight (for me).


You refer to an online calculator. I’ve been poking around the Soylent website and the discussion pages and haven’t found it. Is there one in these locations? Or, are you referring to one online somewhere else??
Thank you!!


There are several, such as:

A Google search for “nutritional requirement calculator” should bring up a ton of them. :smiley: