How to cancel order


I submitted an order on 05/31 but didn’t realize shipping time was so long. No complaints here but I have gone a different route and would like to cancel. How can I do this?




Cancelling via mail and getting refund due to the false statements on the ordering page (European customers were not warned on the ordering page that their shipment will take ages) works so great, I’ve been waiting for a response for a week now and looking forward to waiting some more weeks. Sarcasm end.


Click on the manage button on the home page to go to your account.


I sent my refund request to the above address 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for a response.


this thread is a perfect example of why i am an advocate of charging at the time of shipping rather than ordering now that the product is actually shipping.


Had it stated anywhere on the order page that shipping to Canada would take longer than the 10-12 week lead time listed, I would not have bothered.


I’ve emailed Soylent twice, well over 2 weeks ago. One of those was asking for a refund. Still haven’t heard a response to either email. Makes you wonder …


Finally got a response to my e-mail for a refund I sent on May 26th. It took a full 2 weeks to get a response to my refund request. That is just pathetic. They also neglected to respond to my question about why they are still taking international orders.

Jun 10 15:11
Hello *****,
We apologize for the frustrations with our shipping and the delays in our international orders. We are working on getting Soylent available in countries outside of the US, but unfortunately establishing international fulfillment can be a complex process and we don’t yet have a concrete timeline to share.
You can sign up for our international mailing list where we will send out updates on the availability of Soylent abroad: [ ]
I just refunded your order, please allow up to 5 business days for the funds to be released back into your account.
Thanks for your interest!

May 26 11:00
Dear Soylent people,
At this time I must request a refund.
When I first read about your product I was extremely excited. I’ve been
looking for a was to stream line my life, and Soylent seems like it could
help with that. However, after spending 2 hours on the discourse boards,
I’ve found that shipping to Canada will not take place until 2015. I had
assumed you had a Canadian distributor in place as I was not charged for

I don’t understand why you are taking international orders on your
website, promising a 10-12 week turnaround, and then having your customers
find out the truth in the forums.
Whoever is in charge of your e-commerce end is doing you a huge
disservice. Continually taking international orders a full 8 months before
shipping, without stating that on the order page is a PR nightmare in the
making. A simple pop-up warning would suffice, but suspension of
international orders for the time being would be much more appropriate.
All I can compare this to is ordering a TV from Amazon and them being told
to wait at least half a year for delivery. Wait… That’s not a
comparison, that’s exactly what is happening.
And now for my details to process my refund.
Invoice number***** Amount billed $255.

The email associated with my account is *****
Once you do work out your distribution end, I would love to be notified.
I do look forward to using your product while riding my hoverboard next


At least they got back to you. I emailed back on May 23rd about receiving a refund and cancelling. Still haven’t heard anything back and I have followed up with them twice on this matter. Guess I will have to dispute the charge and block any further charges.


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