How to cancel preorder


I found a nice DIY low-carb recipe that I really enjoy. I would rather wait to get an order of ‘official’ soylent when they are selling a low-carb version. How can I cancel my preorder then?


I don’t think you’ve pre-ordered, I think you donated to the cause. But emailing the company is your best bet.


They’re one in the same. Pre-orders before production also include a higher price tag for the sake of upfront funding / donation.

I can’t find the email that was on the blog for contact, but if you @ someone’s name, they’ll get a notice. In this case, you might want to try @rob or @JulioMiles.


Why on earth would you want low-carb soylent when everyone who’s been living off soylent has noted a reduction in excess body fat? Reducing carbs in a nutritionally complete meal replacement that’s tailored to required calorie intake is lowering your total energy input in a manner that could be dangerous. Low-carb soylent is kinda missing the point entirely, no?


@shnwntrs: You’re also assuming that lowering your carbohydrate levels also inherently lowers your calorie intake. For the low-carb versions out there, the calories are made up for in the fats and proteins. My own formula, though not strictly low carb, does reduce carbs to 70-80% of the RDA, and increase the fats & proteins to compensate for the lost calories because it’s closer to the diet that I feel healthiest with.

I would say it is the point of soylent; to find what is the ideal for the body of the individual.


I can see the benefit of a ketogenic soylent formula… but yah, make sure you’re still getting energy from somewhere… just stripping out the carbs without increasing the fats or proteins is bad news.


Hey @rob or @JulioMiles, can you give me directions for cancelling my preorder/donation/purchase (or whatever we want to call it)? I’d appreciate it!


please email