How to cancel Soylent orders for me and my wife asap?


I thought Soylent wasn’t going to charge me until they actually ship my order like a real company does…

I ordered one month and my wife ordered one month on her account and was wondering how I can get this canceled asap because I can’t wait over 2 months with $500 not going into anything.

We don’t make much and were going to use this to replace out food money but now we’re just gonna make our own DIY soylent and I need this money back asap to pay our bills because like I said I thought the charge would stay pending until shipped like most company’s do.

My email is Hers is

We used her card on both orders.


Firstly tag @JulioMiles and secondly remove mails if not one time ones.


Remove mails?..


Refunded both payments. You can expect them to appear in your accounts within 5 business days.


making email addresses public is not perfect :wink:


You’re awesome! Thanks.