How to complete this keto diet?

It’s almost done, but I need to reduce the fat and add protein, any advice without doubling the daily cost?


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Remove the oil, lower the flaxseed and possibly the mayonnaise/sour cream if you haven’t lowered the fat enough, add the cheapest protein powder you can find (or use chicken breast or another similarly cheap meat).

You can’t make the bread without the fat.
Chicken breast is the most expensive meat, what are you talking about?

Ah in that case I’m not sure how much lower you can get the fat content. Chicken breast absolutely isn’t one of the most expensive meats, it’s one of the cheapest, especially in bulk. Given its protein content, it’s a great choice. But by all means pick a meat that’s cheaper where you are, my point was if you don’t want to have a protein shake on the side, meat is your best bet for upping protein intake.

What about this, have you heard of this stuff?

It’s the most densely packed protein per 100g that I have ever seen, it would be easy to just add a bit to the bread batter.

Does this peptide fall apart at those temperatures?

I’ve heard of that type but haven’t used it personally. However, if you want the highest protein content per 100 grams (and for a cheaper price assuming shipping is reasonable), this may interest you.

Hm, the price as well as the protein content are great but many reviews say that the taste and smell are really bad.

That reminds me of chucking 2kg of vegan protein down the toilet because the smell and taste were terrible. What is on the paper doesn’t always translate to reality.

Yeah, unfortunately I can’t really comment as I haven’t tried that either :confused: however, from what I can see, the taste/smell are mainly an issue for the unflavoured variety (97% protein content), whilst people get on better with the flavoured options (90% protein content). Not sure how that would work in the bread though.

Your possibly safer alternative would be going with a whey isolate like this one. It’s more expensive than the beef one, and the protein content is only 90% for unflavoured, but the effect it has on taste of the bread should be minimal.

Edit: There’s also a 97% whey option here, but it works out a lot more expensive than the 90% one I linked above per gram of protein. Still though, it comes in at 97.6% protein content, which is probably the highest protein per 100g content we’ll find.

I updated the diet profile, it’s done.
The rest is occasional snack(like roasted peanuts), while still remaining in deep ketosis.

I’m very pleased how it turned out; very rich in superfoods, anti-oxidants and almost 1:1 omega 3 to 6 ratio. You couldn’t get any healthier than this.

Imagine this diet consumed by everyone, it would save trillions of dollars per year.