How to delete account


how can I delete my account here?

The delete button is greyed out


Tagging @codinghorror to help you out.


Couldn’t you just ignore the account and never log in again? Why delete it?


This is so stupid.
I even think its against the law in EU to no delete an online account.
(Not sure about it) and to lazy to find out.

Please delete my account ASAP


Since they’re not in the EU, EU law is probably not very relevant.


The European Court of Justice ruled that Google cannot link to personal information about an individual, although the ruling only compels Google to remove the link rather than the removal of the information from the web itself.

I wouldn’t say it is “so stupid” that your delete button was greyed out, though. There’s also an issue of free speech. Whereas people recognize the need to take into account individuals’ right to privacy, if search engines are forced to remove links to legitimate content that is already in the public domain but not the content itself, it could lead to online censorship.

All of this is somewhat moot, of course. We aren’t really talking about “legitimate content” in this case; I’m just responding to your point on the EU. And I’m sure that @codinghorror, @Conor, or another moderator will be happy to delete your account.