How to find how much sulfur is in peanuts/flaxseed?


Hi, this is my first post here. Though I’m not exactly making Soylent (It could be technically if I just put the peanuts in a blender and put everything together lol). I’m making a Vegan Keto diet for building muscle under $4 a day average. Currently at around $3.78. Anyone know where to find the sulfur content of certain foods that don’t have it listed? I’ve tried several nutrition data websites but haven’t found anything on it. I know that legumes are considered “High sulfur foods” but I like to have measurable knowledge on it to know whether I should supplement with MSM or not. Any help appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


Have you looked at this


Just checked it out, sadly it doesn’t have sulfur content :frowning: Thanks for the help though :slight_smile: Do you know if sulfur content only comes from amino acids Methionine and cytesine (or at least a very high portion of it)? If it does I think I should be good, thanks.


Which food specifically are you looking for? My brief foray definitely showed some with sulphur content listed.


Okay, must be nuts… (no pun intended). Now I’m not seeing it. I’d suspect as you say that most of the sulphur is bound up in sulphur containing amino acids.


Aight, thanks for the help, appreciate it :slight_smile: