How to find the milligram value of this percentage?


I want to know the nutritional value of this product, however it is written as percentage.

For example, Muscle Feast Oat Powder have 10.4% Iron. How can I calculate the milligrams of 10.4%?


You’ll have to find the recommended daily average, and then it will be 10.4% of that. The RDA for iron is 8 mg, assuming they went by the male RDA.


10.4% of 77mg = 8.008mg

So wouldn’t that be that if you needed 8mg of iron, you would get them out of 77mg of muscle feast oat powder?


Ah, not quite. It’s saying in one serving (which for this product is 40g), you get 10.4% of the RDA of Iron. Now, assuming they use the USDA RDA for an adult male, you’d get 10.4% of the RDA value of 8mg. Which is .832mg of Iron from 40g of muscle feast oat powder.

If you wanted 8mg of Iron solely from this product, you’d need 40g/.104 = 384.6g.