How to get a refund due to allergy to final product ingredient?


I logged into the backerkit thing and created an account and just chose generic options but it didn’t give the option for a refund. I’m allergic to rice and since rice protien is in the final soylent product I won’t be able to use it unfortunately…

Thank you for any assistance you can be!


Maybe Just an idea, I don’t know for sure. That’s an e-mail you can try though.


Just get your initial batch and sell it on eBay. I’m sure you could get a pretty penny for it, and I’ll bet a bunch of venture capitalists like the soylent boys would understand


I am pretty sure she can get a refund.


Thanks y’all - I’ll try the option. :smile: I personally would never buy consumables on ebay and wouldn’t expect others would either really, plus I really avoid mailing junk if i don’t have to. Sadly, at this point this is just more clutter that I won’t be able to use. :frowning:

Thanks again!


Any luck on finding out about refunds? Now that I’m seeing the final ingredient list I am going to seek a refund myself. I’d like to know what others have found.


just email with the email address you used to order and I’ll get you refunded.


I was able to get my refund and it was very appreciated. :smiley: Sorry I can’t use it but hey when more options open up without something I’m allergic to I’ll be circling back around!