How to get sufficient fiber?


v0.8 only states its fibre source is from oats powder which from what I can find shows you need about 400g to get near the RDI of fibre. I use 45g in my mix.

How else are people getting a cheap version of soluble and insoluble fibre in your diet? I’ve been using Fitness fibre but to buy here in AUS and from the number of servings (26g per serve) I get from 1 container it makes it fairly expensive.

I tried adding psyllium husk but if left in the mixture for long periods it swells and turns in to a jello mess.

What about fiber?

Whats makes you think that it MUST contain the rda exactly, why not 20 g or less?
Most people get even less than that a day.


you can use wheat bran, which is about 45% fibres, while oats are about 9.5% fibres.


I am adding acacia fiber to my mix which seems to mix in quite well etc. Not hugely convinced about the benefits of fiber tbh so desperately getting the RDA isn’t much of a concern to me.


Folks with IBS benefit from higher fibre levels. The Australian RDI is 30g which I’m getting about 24g. Robs recommendation is 40g. I might experiment with my psyllium husk amounts and see how much i can add without affecting the consistency of the drink. I’ll have a look around for wheat bran and acacia fiber too.

Thanks for the info.


From reading the reviews of the different fibers (when I was looking into which one to get from my own soylent) it looked like different people seemed to benefit from different fibers, so you might find some benefit you more than others. Also depending on the protein source you might be getting fiber. I don’t remember which, but one of the vegan powders has quite a bit of fiber in (also cocoa if you are using that).

If you have IBS I assume you have ruled out gluten / lactose intolerances etc? (sorry for such an obvious question, but incredibly some doctors don’t actually check for this ;))


Don’t forget ground flaxseed – it has about 28 g fibre per 100 g. I use a couple tablespoons in my soylent, along with the whole grains and a couple tablespoons of psyllium. Sometimes it’s easier to get enough of a particular nutrient when you don’t try to get it all from a single ingredient. (That’s yet another advantage of compounding one’s soylent from food ingredients.)


The swelling of the psyllium is going to happen with any soluble fiber (psyllium husk is mostly insoluble). That’s what it means for fiber to be soluble. So, I’d recommend sticking with the psyllium, since it’s inexpensive. I’m also using inulin, which is also soluble, since it’s a pre-biotic (feeds the gut flora). You could also add some insoluble fiber. I’m mixing some ground flax seed (a good source of omega-3 fatty acids), which is mostly insoluble. I buy whole flax seed and grind it in my coffee grinder. Unfortunately, the omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed go rancid quickly; so you can’t grind too much at a time.

The RDA for fiber here in the US is 14g fiber per 1000 Kcal of food consumed. You shouldn’t stint on fiber on a liquid diet.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like the best option of flax, psyllium and fitness fibre will give me what I need and a handful of almonds with something to nibble on.


I dropped the fitness fiber and replaced it with flaxseed and psyllium.

If you mix your shakes in the morning with water and store them until later to drink then the psyllium will cause your shakes to turn to a pudding consistency. Of course it depends on how much you use though.

The flaxseed is the thing that annoys me the most as it always settles to the bottom of my shakes and causes me to continually shake them. But it’s cheap and has what I need.


I came across this:
Where the author suggests just making a drink and slamming it down. Anybody see any issues if I were to make up my shakes minus the psyllium and just before consuming a flask, add the psyllium and drink?

Alternatively, psyllium cubes anyone? Would it be feasible to deliberately make a hyper saturated psyllium solution (soylution ?) so some of your batch each day is like a edible chunk you break bits off and swallow.


Alternately, have a soylent pudding instead of a shake. EATING PUDDING WITH A SPOON!!!


What I decided to do is get some wheat dextrin and work out a ratio of psyllium : dextrin that is tolerable. I am starting off with 100% dextrin and will work up from there.
First taste test today.