How to improve flavor? So I can actually drink it


Last week my girlfriend and me decided that soylent is perfect for us and gave it a try. We live in Argentina so we don´t have almost any of the products that most recipients have, so we went around all markets in the neighborhood writing down a table of nutrients.

This is how it ended: Her version. Mine is almost the same. Comments about the recipe are welcome, and if you have any advice it would be great.

Anyway, the problem was when we ate it. It tastes horrible, but I mean horrible. We chilled it out (like 1 or 2 hours in the freezer) and we tried vanilla extract with no luck at all.

I think the main problem is the Potassium Chloride. But I don´t have a way to make up for the potassium, here are no supplements at all and no potassium gluconate (or at least I never found it).

The olive oil is also terrible.

I don’t want it to be tasty, just that when I drink it, not to feel like it’s some torture.

Any ideas? And thanks for reading this far.


I would find a food source of potassium, like bananas, and maybe try a lighter vegetable oil, or canola oil. Ginseng and ginko taste terrible - I would supplement those in pills, by themselves. Cocoa powder has potassium and a bunch of other micros as well, which would improve the flavor. Coconut would be a great source as well if you can get them.

Do a search on the DIY forum for whole foods, and also check the ingredients listing at Good luck!


Check out the taste and flavorings thread for a lot of really good ideas. Good luck!


Thanks for the ideas. I can’t believe I never used the ingredients options, silly me.

I’ll try the canola oil, but are you sure about this? I read somewhere that it tastes like liquid death.

Cocoa powder was bloody useful, but what I found most useful of all was this page. It contains lots of information, I was having a lot of potassium without knowing myself. Shameful it lacks information about iodine, chloride and chromium.

For now this is the sketch of the recipe. I’m a little afraid of having too much minerals, specially magnesium, what do you think?

As always, comments and advice are welcome. Thank you.


That was me. Note that it was just my opinion—I found that my DIY soylent using canola oil as a primary fat source was quite unpalatable. Your mileage may vary.


(Note: I can’t actually view your recipe atm, since it’s blocked at work) Just keep in mind that the upper limits set for magnesium generally refer to it in supplemental form, and generally consider magnesium contained in food to be fine in higher levels. Having said that, it may not be such a bad idea to try to cut it down a little anyway.


I’d honestly recommend coconut oil and/or flour as a good source of fat and micros. It’s inoffensive to most palates, if not downright tasty, and has a good spectrum of healthy macros. That should mask canola oil’s flavor, so you get the best of all worlds.


I had read that 1g of magnesium rises testosterone lvls by 25%
I plan to do weight training, so it’s actually helpful.

I finally have my canola oil. The taste is… a flower. I mixed it with olive oil and for some strange magical reason, they neutralized each others flavours, so it almost doesn’t taste.

And the cocoa was perfect. It tastes like old school chocolate ice-cream. Now I can drink it, and I actually like it. The only problem is that is more expensive, but it still 40% cheaper than normal food.

Thanks to you all for the help.