How to integrate the vitamin & minerals pill?



I’ve been looking for the perfect multi-vitamin pill to add to my DIY Soylent.

They all seem to come as oil in capsules or tablets.

Do you guys blend them, or buy them in powder?

What’s the best option?

Thank you.


I add a multivitamin, an iron, and a vitamin K pill to my DIY. The iron and K are in vegicaps that can be twisted open and the powder inside added to my soylent. The multi dissolves over night. Just shake it in the morning to get the multi all mixed in. I find gel caps don’t work this way and need to be taken on the side.


Multivitamins often taste terrible, so much so that they will make your whole pitcher un drinkable if you blend them into it. Crushed up mega man multis were a hugely surprising mistake, let me tell you! Super gross… @MentalNomad said it was the vitamin c choice/excess.

Some pre powdered multis are designed to taste good blended in with things, so start there if you don’t want to swallow pills.


2 popular options:

Kirkland Tablet, swallowed by itself or blended. Very affordable.
Mega Men Sport, easy powder form.


Question: How do you integrate that tablet (Kirkland) into your drink?


I’ve been trying to find pre powdered multis but they don’t sell them in my country :confused:


Folks have been known to use a coffe grinder to powder their vitamins. Just test it on a days batch at most to be certain it does not ruin the flavor of your soylent.


I throw the dry goods into a blender. 30 seconds and there’s no more chunky ingredients, that includes lecithin, flax, chia, pills, etc.


I use a high-dose mix with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. I like it for the purported health benefits - it’s selectively much higher than the RDA on many vitamins. It’s available as a powder, tablets, or capsules, so I’ve experimented.

Because it’s so high in many nutrients, it tastes particularly bad in Soylent. The powdered version has a strong, very tart, bitter berry flavor, which can work well enough in water or juice (which is what they designed for), but did not go well in my soylent for most flavorings. (Awful with vanilla or chocolate or cinnamon.) In vanilla, I could almost pretend it was creamsicle or sherbert, just with a bad aftertaste. It’s not something I want ruining every meal.

I abandoned powder in favor of just taking tablets. I do try to take them with meals, but I no longer bother trying to put it in the meals.


Also, good ol’ mortar and pestle goes a long way.