How to make Caffè mocha flavor mix?


Hi All,
I know everyone is excited about the “Official” soylent being released but I’m still enjoying my personal DIY version :slight_smile:

I was however thinking about adding some small flavor variety to it and was wondering if anyone has a good idea for a Caffè mocha flavor. My recipe is somewhat based on the Hackerschool version so I already have cocoa powder in there (quite a bit less than the original recipe though) I figure I just need a way to add some coffee flavor to it also. I could just get some coffee syrup I guess but was hoping to find something that didn’t have a bunch of sugar already in it. Maybe a dry ingredient I could add to my pre-mixed bags?

Regarding flavors- so far I’ve had good results with using peanut flour to get a peanut butter and chocolate flavor, and I’ve recently been adding in coconut oil which provides a nice chocolate/coconut flavor. (the coconut oil works much better for this than the coconut flour I tried and I’ve read that the coconut oil has many health benefits too)



I used a little Starbucks via instant coffee and was pretty tasty. Dissolve it first in a little water before adding to Soylent ™


Instant coffee is the best way to get a coffee flavor.


Thanks folks!
instant coffee - so obvious I don’t know why I didn’t think of it


One more thought. If you brew coffee, just substitute one part coffee for one part water when mixing soylent. 1 cup coffee cancels out 1 cup mix water.