How to make optimal mix without the pitcher


Hi all

Got my first batch of Soylent yesterday, and I’m planning on starting using it tomorrow; I do have a problem however; I did not receive the pitcher.

  1. So; how much powder to how much water?

  2. How long before drinking it should I mix it (The night before?)

  3. When do I pour in the oil?

The plan is to start off with Soylent maybe just for the first 2 meals and then gradually up to around 60%ish Soylent.



So, if you do have a 2L container, that would be the easiest, you basically can decide how much water to add yourself, but normally people add about 1.6L. (if you want it thinner or thicker, add more or less)

You can drink it right after mixing if that is what you want, but the gritty texture does get slightly less gritty after a few hours… if you have a blender, I personally like it right after blending it as it becomes more milkshake like, and the texture becomes less noticeable… (add some ice cubes too)

Some people recommend adding the oil after it has chilled in the fridge for some hours (over night for an example) but the difference is small in terms of gritty texture. I recommend experimenting with adding it how you prefer.