How to measure Soylent quantities?

I’m curious to track my Soylent consumption, but not sure how to do it. I’m mixing up an entire pouch at a time in the supplied pitcher, so I’m more aware of how many ounces I consume, than how much actual powder was used.

I’m crappy with measurement conversions, how would we go about determining how much Soylent we actually consume per 1oz of mixed liquid?

there are ~67 oz in 2 liters. half of that is the powder, so 67 oz of liquid soylent is 1 pouch of 1 liter. so, 1.5% of your pouch per oz, or 15 ml of powder.

but there’s only 15.7 ounces of powder in a pouch… not half the pitcher’s volume.

So how much Soylent is being consumed in 1 oz of mixed liquid? This is the number I can’t figure out how to come up with.

One issue may be the difference between fluid ounces and ounces (volume vs weight). I’m not sure where your numbers are coming from, but if we assume that both are in ounces (weight), the calculation is relatively simple:

If we us Mysitys number of 67 oz and your number of 15.7 oz (again, Ive not checked these numbers or whether they are even the correct TYPE of measurement), then we can say that the powder is roughly 19% of the weight and the water is roughly 81%. To make those numbers round, we’ll call it 80/20.

Assuming all these are correct, your Soylent/oz is .2, or 1oz Soylent/5oz water.

If that was too convoluted, post both measurements in ounces of weight and I’ll give you an exact number.

TLDR: If you have matching measurements, its not too hard. But you probably don’t.

It works out much nicer if you are willing to ignore the ounces and use metric units.
1 pouch of Soylent is about 2000 Calories (really 2010, but let’s round to 2000 since it’s very close), and if you mix it up to make a full pitcher, that’s 2 liters. 2 liters is 2000 ml (in case you forgot your high school science conversion factors). So there is about 1 Calorie per ml, or 1 Calorie per cc (cubic centimeter). It works out so nicely!

If you mark off milliliters on your storage vessel and/or your drinking vessel, you’ll know very easily how many Calories you’ve had.

EDIT: side note: If you are going to use ounces, you need to distinguish between weight-ounces and volume-ounces in this thread. One volume-ounce of Soylent does not equal one weight-ounce (I assume… I don’t actually have my Soylent yet, so I can’t check if it’s close)

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Hmmm going by calories per ml is actually considerably less easy/practical for me. I just know the size of my glasses (and eventually my insulated thermos that has been ordered) in ounces so that’s how much I know I’m consuming. I have small glasses that are 6 ounces, and large glasses that are 12. So basically if I knew how much Soylent I was consuming per liquid ounce, then I could just plug that into my food tracker (My Fitness Pal) and let it handle the rest.

It sounds like there’s roughly 1/5 of an ounce of Soylent per ounce of water, so that’s probably close enough to work for my purposes unless anyone can get something more accurate.

I am confused now, I thought the scoop says 1 scoop of soylent + 1 scoop of water, which implies it is a 50/50 ratio

Hmmm you’re right, it does say on the scoop, 1 scoop water to 1 scoop soylent. I haven’t used the scoop since I’ve just mixed up a pouch each time and filled the pitcher. With that ratio, there would be WAYYYYY less water and it would be a super thick mixture. Interesting. Anyone tried it this way yet?

You’re thermos and glasses are fluid ounces (volume) and powdered Soylent is measured in ounces (weight), which are not equivalent. Since the powder won’t be very dense, 1 ounce (weight) of Soylent powder will have a volume of more than one fluid ounce. Thus, a 1:1 ratio by volume (what the scoop measures) may very well lead to something like a 1:5 ratio by weight.

That said, all you really care about for calorie tracking is how much Soylent (by weight) you are consuming, which is pretty easy to figure out. 2 liters of prepared Soylent is equal to 67.628 fluid ounces, which you say contains 15.7 ounces (weight) of Soylent powder. This works out to 0.2322 ounces (weight) of Soylent powder per 1 fluid ounce of prepared Soylent. Thus, a 6 fluid ounce glass would provide you with 1.393 ounces (weight) of Soylent powder.

Hope that helps.

Thanks that is indeed helpful!

The Soylent scoop is a volume/volume mix. The water will weigh much more than the powder.

(Sorry, below doesn’t answer the exact OP question,but continues the other conversation.)
If i’m not mistaken, we can assume that 2000ml premixed soylent=very close to 2000 calories.
If that’s the case, then 1oz liquid (similar density to water/Soylent) contains 29.5 milliliters.
Therefore, 1 oz mixed soylent=29.5 calories. (or 30 for ease of rounding/calculations)
An 8 oz container contains about 240 calories.
A 12-oz container contains about 360 calories.

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Yep this is what I came to as well, around 30 calories per ounce of prepared Soylent. Easy!

This thread should be stickied as a practical example of metric as the more sane school of measurement :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Vanclute-
I don’t think I’ve seen a reply yet that is very clear so I’m going to provide my take (which I belive is correct :slight_smile: )
This calculation assumes that you use a full package of powder and the powder plus the water creates a 2 litre mix.

6.5653 grams of Soylent powder for every ounce of mixed Soylent liquid consumed

Full answer-
If you are looking to figure out the amount consumed as compared to the serving information for a fitness tracking app then it is easier to consider the powder and water combined as the complete food item.
ie. 1 package of Soylent powder + water = 2 Litres of Soylent = 3 servings

so 1 serving = 2/3l or approx. .66666667 litres
converted to oz. (for your 8 or 12 oz. glasses) -->> 22.542 oz. per serving
If we want to be a bit imprecise about it we can round that up to 24 oz which would mean two of your 12 oz. glasss or three of your 8 oz glasses would aproximate a single serving.

If we want to figure out the number of grams of powder per oz. of mixed Soylent then it would be:
1 oz / 67.628 oz. = about 1.4787% of a package of powder per oz. of mixed liquid
I don’t have a package of Soylent yet myself but I believe from the data I’ve seen posted a package of powder is 444 grams… so-
1.478% of 444g = 6.5653 grams of powder per ounce of mixed liquid.

so you get approximately 6.5653 grams of powder for every ounce of mixed Soylent liquid consumed
(if we want to double check ourselves we can multiply 6.5653g by 67.628 oz. and see that we end up with the number of grams in a full Soylent package -->> 444grams)

hope this helps

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Keep in mind that fl oz (a measure of volume) and oz (a measure of mass) are two different things while reading this.

The tricky part for me is I’m not going by any “serving size”, I’m just drinking until I don’t feel like drinking anymore, and repeating that as often as I need to. I just happen to know the sizes of my glasses, so those are my basic units of measure of a “personal serving” for me. That’s why knowing the amount of Soylent per ounce of liquid makes it so easy to calculate.

Here’s an email I had with Julio discussing this, his reply is at the top though:

From: Soylent []
Sent: 30 April 2014 00:58
To: Benji
Subject: Re: Can you confirm what nutrients we’ll be lacking.

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Julio Miles (Soylent)

Apr 29 22:58

Hello Ben,

Thanks for bringing this up, it’s something that we will definitely address in our FAQ.

We encourage our users to experiment with the ratio of Soylent and water, as Soylent provides a great experience over a range of viscosities and we’ve seen our beta testers adopt a pretty wide range of preferred viscosities.

Of course, we need to provide each user with a framework for preparation that is efficient and easy – the pitcher and the scoop both accomplish this. The measurements and instructions we’ve provided have been simplified to a degree, in the interest of making them easy and simple to follow. Here are some further details:

The custom Soylent scoops are 135 ml. A “meal” as defined by the scoop is about 560 calories, which is less than the official serving size (670 calories), because we feel it better represents an actual meal size for users. There will be more details on the instructions you will receive with your order.

Each pouch contains about 6-7 scoops of Soylent. The exact amount varies due to settling. This means that there’s slightly more than 3 “meals” in a single pouch of Soylent.

The oil bottles contain 480 calories and are 58.2 ml (11.8 tsp).

When preparing in the pitcher, 900-1100ml of water is mixed with a pouch of Soylent and the contents of an oil blend bottle (58ml). The total volume of Soylent prepared in the pitcher is about 1.95 liters, and has a concentration a little over 1 calorie/ml.

Most people drink their Soylent immediately, in which case we recommend adding 1-2 cups ice for rapid chilling. This would lower the volume of water initially added, and increase the initial caloric concentration slightly.

When preparing with a scoop and following the recommended ratio of 1 scoop : 1.5 tsp oil blend : 1 scoop water, the resulting 277 ml of Soylent contains about 280 calories. Using 1.5 tsp of oil blend per scoop may result in a small amount of excess oil blend, because we didn’t want to ask our customers to worry about using something like 1.62 tsp per scoop.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the above!

We’ll be shipping out pitchers soon. They should be going out by early next week.



Apr 29 17:26

Hello Julio,

I think there may be some confusion or maybe my math is way off or something… the scoop suggests that it is one half of a meal and is 135ml, a one day pack of Soylent suggests that it contains three servings (three meals?) and thus for a day worth of Soylent you’d need 6x135ml scoops of water which equals 810ml. Then you guys have suggested that you can pour the entire contents of a whole day bag and fill up the rest of the 2 litre pitcher with water, unless 444g of the powder (+the oil) equals 1190ml in volume it would seem that one of the calculations was off.

Perhaps 444g of Soylent + the oil does make up the rest of the volume in the pitcher and that’s what I am missing but then given the fact that the back of the scoop says one scoop Soylent and one scoop water, that would mean that 444g of Soylent should equate to 810ml as well, leaving 380ml to the oil.

However, looking at the packaging it suggests that the oil is 58.2ml which doesn’t add up.

Finally my additional three airtight pitchers didn’t arrive with my starter kit, are they going to be delivered with my Soylent? If not that would suggest they are coming in an entirely separate package which we’ve had no notification on when they’ll be sent out so please let me know where we stand on that.




Thanks for posting the email. It answers a couple of my questions.

The easiest way I found to determine how much Soylent to consume at each meal is to mix the entire package into a blender with 7 scoops of water and the oil blend. Transfer the mixture to container, pour out 22 ounces into a shaker bottle and finish it. Do that 3 times a day and you will use up the daily pouch.

I’ve been thinking about the water to Soylent ratio lately. So last night I prepared it like I normally do but I measured how much water I was using.

Up till now I’ve just added some water to the pitcher and then mixed the Soylent in and once that was mixed together I would top off with water to bring the level up to the green ring. I had heard that this was equivalent to a 1:2 ratio.

When I measured the water last night I found that I used 1600ml of water to mix up one pitcher. That means that out of 2 Liters of prepared Soylent, 1.6 Liters is water. That is a 1:4 ratio.

I’m playing around with making it even thinner by adding half the amount of water again. So if I pour 500ml into a blender bottle I know that 80% of that is water (400ml) so I’ll add another 200ml of water to that.

I’m hoping that doing it this way will allow me to drink a larger amount without getting bloated from it. Plus I’m getting more water so I don’t have to drink as much water on the side.