How to open a Soylent bottle like a pro


Not library-friendly
"Soylent, The Easiest Thing To Tear Open Since CDs"

You can actually just force twist it …

Here’s a quick video (I didn’t want to upload to youtube)


That makes a lot of mess and it is more difficult to open. I actually posted this video because other user was complaining about the noise and the pieces of wrapper left around the neck of the bottle. This method is clean and quiet.


Not gonna lie, I LOL’d.

You don’t look nearly as much like a boss now that you have to remove the seal under the cap.

But that’s okay, all things considered I’ll take the seal.


Yeah, I’m still just twisting them off like @hasen. I only seem to tear the wrapper if I grip it too low, and if I do, I just tear off the part that rips too; it’s still faster than breaking the seal manually like in the video.


This is what I love about the internet. There is nothing so basic that it doesn’t deserve its own video tutorial.

I’ve also found this useful:



That actually is new to me! I always had issues with shoe laces. Seems like this method could come in quite handy.


Heck, David Rees did a whole half-hour episode on how to tie your shoes.


Going Deep with David Rees is one of the best shows ever to grace mankind.


I started tying my shoes this way over 20 years ago, never had one come loose.