How to Order Soylent?


Perhaps I am dense, but I don’t see how to order. There’s a pre-order page, concluded, but having poked around several times as thoroughly as I can, there’s not “Order This, This Amount” page.

Is Soylent not available on the open market? Is it only available through batch pre-order?


Where are you looking? I see a big blue Buy Now button on the campaign page.


There is a “Buy Now” option on .Once you ordered it will send you an email and invite you to backerkit, where you can fill out the rest of the information and choose additional options.

@DafJ, I believe hes looking at the kickstarter page.


I am looking at which certainly looks like a kickstart page. If it’s a standard order page, it’s confusing to me at least.

Apparently, per Matt88, it is indeed where to go to order. Thanks.


Yea, there is a big 'BUY NOW" button that takes you to the order screen. Supposedly theres a site revamp happening soon, so it might make it easier to find and to order.