How to pack oil for on the go?

So, my DIY recipe calls for oil… Any idea on how to pack it? What would it be like mixed with Maltodextrin and other stuff? Here are some numbers (per day, so I’d be taking 1/4 of this):

Canola oil: 90ml
Maltodextrin: 75g
Fibre supplement: 25g
Whey concentrate: 120g
Waxy maize: 100g

I bought a few of the 5 hour energy bottles… actually knock off ones that were cheaper. and I took the labels off and cleaned them out. I can fit a full day of oils for my recipe (50g) and there is still room left in the bottle. I can put powder in the blender bottle and the blender ball and stick a bottle of oil inside with 1/3 of the daily oil and I can add water later

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the little bottle fits in the mouth of the blender bottle so when I add the oil last I can leave it in the top to drain completely blender bottle picture