How to pay with Bitcoin?


I am trying to buy Soylent but can not figure out how to pay with Bitcoin. Giving up in, 3. 2. 1… :frowning:


You can’t.

Maybe some time in the future.


I thought that was the whole idea though? Are you employee there? Will there be some e-mail list i can be on to find out when I ca buy directly again, not through amazon then


You can buy directly from, just not with bitcoin.


You thought the whole idea of Soylent was to buy it with Bitcoin?


You can buy anything off of Amazon (including Soylent) using Bitcoin through (while saving money in the process)

Thread from a few months ago on it: Anyone Used to buy Soylent?


I mean directly with Bitcoin, I liked using Bitcoin before.


That was my understanding.


Better check that understanding bro… :cheese::wine_glass::no_mouth:


Aha — the original pre-order website supported direct Bitcoin payments: Payment via BitCoin?


+1 on wanting the Bitcoin payment method though.


Ok. I have to ask. What is the draw for bitcoin?

  1. Decentralized — It is not controlled by any one government or entity, therefore it is in theory safer and more globally acceptable.

  2. Anonymous — In theory it can be almost as anonymous as a cash payment.

  3. Less costly — Since there are no banks controlling it, the overhead is lower. So, for instance, if someone wanted to send money to someone else somewhere in the world, instead of paying large transfer fees (or cash transit fees with something like Western Union), the fee would be very low, almost free.

I am sure there are other reasons that make it superior to traditional fiat systems, but these are a few off the top of my head. There are also downsides that other cryptocurrencies such as Ether (which runs on the Etherium blockchain) attempt to address.


I’m going to disagree with #3. While you don’t pay the bank, you do pay electricity and Internet costs. Not just when you transfer, but maintaining the whole blockchain.


Yes, I was careful not to say that it was free, just less costly than traditional payments. The blockchain fees are much less than comparable cash transfer services (Western Union, etc.) and also less than comparable credit card fees for paying for items.


I send USDs to my mom with PayPal for “free” all the time.


True, but that’s not permitted for commercial transactions, which would apply to purchasing Soylent. I’m pretty sure it also requires that both parties have their bank accounts linked to paypal, which could make some people queasy.


I also buy stuff with PayPal all the time as well. Aside from the normal shipping and handling and sales tax it is also “free”. Even with bitcoin both people Have to have a wallet. Granted it’s anonymous but still. And if the recipient needs to buy something that doesn’t accept BitCoin they need to exchange it for traditional currency which involves a bank account.


[quote=“inquirerer, post:15, topic:26910”]comparable credit card fees for paying for items.[/quote]My credit card gives me money. Many others give plane tickets or other rewards.

But still to the point, bitcoin has infrastructure costs that need to be paid by those using it, and startup cost for those who mine for bitcoins in the first place. It’s not all that different from a bank in that regard.


Bitcoin maybe working its way back into our site sooner than thought.

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