How to remove phytic acid?


i wonder how do you prepare oats from having to much phytic acid?
and can you prepare a month of oats so you don’t have to prepare it every day?
Oats, Barley, Whey etc
and what is best in high calories and low GI and anti nutrients?


The magnifying glass in the upper right is pretty awesome for finding questions if you’re new, but here are some quick topics of discussion that I pulled up from your questions;

tl;dr: boil some water and let your phytic-acid-heavy ingredients soak in it for a little bit [this will require stirring like the dickens if you have especially thick mix]

… wait, anti-nutrients? like how some chemicals can overrun the absorption of others? ratio discussion here has some good info;


tanks but i can’t find any if you can store pre cocked oats.
or do i have to cook it every day?

anti nutrients is chemicals that can block the absorption of other nutrient by binding to them, Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient


To my understanding you can keep oats and almond powder that have been cooked for about a week or so, or at least so goes my experience. I haven’t personally tried any longer than that, however. I also generally make up to a week of soylent in advance, anyways.

On this point, simply soaking your phytic-acid-heavy ingredients for a couple days (or if you’re really lazy, make a soylent batch a two days or more in advanced, and the subsequent mixture with water will still end up breaking up the phytic acid levels) will usually clear up most of the phytic acid issues.

Yup, the ratio discussion above has a lot of back & forth on anti-nutrients; including the balance of zinc, iron, copper, phosphorous, and calcium.


i havent ordered my ingredients for my diy soylent.
But wold i then be able to pre make a week of soylent or so with out the oats,
then pre soak a week of oats and then perhaps dry them out to get rid of all the water?


I know the official V1.0 ingredients haven’t been posted yet but from what I’ve read oat powder will be a major ingredient.


@Zenman: They have a different method to work out the phytic acid in the oats that involves a different chemical process

@Myarter: If you’re going to make a week’s batch, you can probably just make a week’s batch a day or two in advanced without cooking the oats and by the time you’ve gotten to it they will be soaked well enough. I wouldn’t recommend trying to dry anything cooked; just getting them cooked in the first place can be a pain, especially if you have a large amount.


i don’t mean to cook the oats, but to soak them to get rid of all the phytic acid in the oats, then remove all the water so it takel les space and won’t go bad. i mean to have them separate. soylent ingredients will be mixed a month or something before hand in different containers with out the oats and oils. the oats are then mixed in on the day of consumption.

do you think it is practical?


I’m not sure, honestly. I’ve had some luck in making the powders in advanced by calculating the resulting dry grams per day after the multivitamins and seasonings (seems to be roughly 400 grams), and then pulling that out per day / couple days (especially useful for long weekend trips).

You could theoretically do the same if you know the weight of the oats after they’ve been dried or dehydrated after being soaked. Though I’m not familiar with the process in dehydrating the oats after they’ve been soaked or cooked, especially if you use powdered oats which are very fine grain. If you find a reliable method that doesn’t get rid of the oats themselves, let us know!


perhaps if i used a baking plate (like for cup cakes) mix the oats, water, vinegar and some barley. put it in the oven on 30-50 C for 24h
and later up the heat to 60-90 C.

do you think that would work?


@mrob Could you elaborate on this mrob?


This product has some of the highest phytase I’ve found, you can add one or two capsules with one or two teaspoons of lemon juice. It won’t do as much without the acid in the lemon juice to activate it. The soaking process gives it a sharper taste tho.

But after a little while, I’ve not had much bloating problems with unsoaked oat flour. I think it’s been mentioned on this forum that your gut flora simply needs a little time to adapt and then they will digest it for you. I have also taken this suppliment on occasion when I’ve felt I needed to:


so do you blend it with the oats for a 24h period?
how do you do
do you have any good alternatives with phytase in it also? i live in scandinavia Europe so it can be good with different sources.


I stopped soaking because of the taste and I stopped getting bloat symptoms from raw powder after a week or so, but here’s what I did:

Add Oat flour to jar
Open capsule and add to flour
Add appropriate amount of lemon juice
Fill with enough water to soak everything
Shake well, open lid but cover the top so it can breathe a little
Leave overnight

In the morning some liquid will separate to the top. I just syphoned it out with a turkey baster, then added the remaining oat soup to my soylent mix.

Edit: The soaked flour didn’t keep very long, I needed to drink it the same day otherwise it seemed to start getting sour.