How to replicate 2.0 with 1.6?

I’m surprisingly addicted to the taste and texture of bottled 2.0. I vastly prefer the 2.0 “cereal milk” to the slightly-bready/yeasty/oaty 1.6 “batter.”

What can I do to try to replicate, as close as possible, the flavor and texture of 2.0 with 1.6 powder?

Is there anything I can do to thin 1.6 out aside from using less than a pouch at a time? What can I do about flavor? Add a cup of nonfat milk?

… I thought 1.6 was RL own attempt at replicating 2.0… If RL can’t do it, your going to be hard pressed to find someone who can.

It conflicts with @Conor’s statements recently, but the previous line was that the powder was meant to be an unflavored/neutral product that people flavored themselves (if desired). 1.6’s flavor makes a lot more sense to me if that was the intent. If they were trying to copy 2.0’s flavor I would have at least expected to see artificial and natural flavors (as in 2.0).

I’ve ordered some Capella flavors to try, but I’m not super hopeful. I may just switch to 2.0, Coffiest, and possibly the bar for most of my calories (and, you know, pizza). 1.6 is okay, but I’m spoiled by products I like the taste of.

I’m having the same problem, as I mentioned in a previous thread. So far I’ve found that whenever 1.6 gets too overpowering, I dilute it a just a bit and that helps tamp it down. I think that maybe if I add just a little more water than is recommended it’ll help out a lot.

After trying 29 (!) different Capella flavors (1 drop each in 1 fl oz of Soylent 1.6), my initial reaction is that none of them made 1.6 taste more like 2.0, but some of them did make 1.6 taste a lot better (primarily all the vanilla flavors, which surprised me because vanilla extract didn’t do much for me). None of the chocolate flavors really tasted like chocolate (to me), although it might be interesting to combine them with real cocoa powder to get the bitterness and a fuller chocolate flavor. Cocoa powder by itself (or with sweetener) hasn’t worked great in 1.6 for me; it’s drinkable, but it almost tastes worse than normal 1.6.


If you don’t mind the extra calories, I’ve found that half a scoop of Muscle Milk Dark Chocolate powder produces a pretty nice chocolate flavor in 1.6.