How to source nutrients cheaply?


I’ve made a few food versions and I’m ready to switch to a pure soylent with sourced ingredients, but it would cost me well over $200 (I stopped adding the ingredients when I got to that point). I don’t think I’m sourcing things properly.

Can anyone give me advice and/or sources?


#2 - the makesoylent app already has lots of sources, but individual nutrients come at a premium because of the processing required to refine them. is the best priced /most complete source for refined micros that I’ve been able to find in 3 weeks. There are others that have individual nutrients or complexes that are much cheaper. I’ve actually decided on a multivitamin.

There are advantages to this, as apparently there is science indicating that variable levels of micronutrients are important to health, as deficit and overage of a given nutrient will trigger important metabolic processes. The important part is the consistency of intake over time. Multivitamins achieve this because they are rated on the amounts over an average of 5 or more pills… individual pills can have large differences between the actual amounts of nutrients. I’m still doing research on that, but it would be a nice side-benefit of a decision to use multivitamins.


Can you cite the source so I can take a look at it?
I was using a multi before, but because of how complete it is, it actually makes it difficult to source the rest of it if you don’t buy pure substances.

I wanted to move to a pure version anyways, so I guess I have to source out a multi. Do you know of any good ones?


Pretty good one. No major overages, and the ones that do go over have a huge safety margin.


Cool. It has a lot of great reviews. Do you have any idea what the complete content of it is?

I need to make sure I can build around it before I buy any.

#6 is the link to it’s nutritional info.

So, I don’t mean this in a snarky way, but performing web searches is a skill that would make an obviously intelligent person such as yourself dangerously informed. :wink:

When you encounter a question like this - something with factual data somewhere - the first thing to do would be to run a Google search for Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Men. I personally like highlighting what I’m gonna look up, right-click google searching it. The first link leads to the product page, where you can get the nutrition info on the top right corner.

Also, I have it included in my recipe - it’s already entered as an ingredient, so you can add 1 pill to your recipe and see the effect - it’s got a pretty solid profile.


It’s weird how people are almost immediately always the thing they claim they’re not trying to be lol…

Eh, it’s also worth asking sometimes people forget that people can be a great resource, sometimes better than a web search.

Thanks for the link.


Np - you’ve just asked multiple questions when the answers were literally the first search result and I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable doing searches… that was an honest, non-snarky attempt to make your life easier. It’s my experience that people are great resources when it comes to discussing multiple things that contrast, or getting introductory information. It’s easy to drown in jargon. For factual things, though, searches are a lot faster, and make conversations denser and more nuanced.


wat. lol.

Google gives me shit results because I look for obscure answers. I guess that makes me not trust it much as a resource.