How to start Soylent as a female?


I’m currently trying to find a great way to get into soylent. I’m as you know a femail about 120Ibls and 5’4". I’m pretty active with being fit. Can you please give me some tips on how to start. I’ve tried looking at post and other websites but I can’t seem to find a good one to do also not sure which one would be good.

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I’m assuming you mean with a DIY recipe? Otherwise pick up an order from the campaign, and the current delivery time will be in December!

For DIY: Though you will face a couple small differences between genders, any starter recipe will give you a pretty good idea of where to start.

Also check out; tons of recipes and also includes nutrition profiles for females as well.

For comparison; I’m 6’1, male, 160lbs, relatively sedentary, and I consume about ~1600 to ~1800 calories a day. You might be okay with starting at 1400 or 1500, but obviously if you end up finding yourself pretty full after less than that, well you have left overs.

Good luck, and welcome to the Soylent discourse board!

#3 is where i started. there is a standard nutrition profile for females that you can work from and a couple of existing recipes made by women. i started by copying one and then trying to find equivalent ingredients locally. then i researched alternate ingredients to fill the gaps for the ones i couldn’t find. it takes some research and some doing, having a recipe you feel confident about with regard to each element is important.


In terms of macronutrients, is probably your best bet. My recipe is based on a pretty standard DIY recipe, but then for the micronutrients I just went with a prenatal multivitamin. (My own recipe is still in beta. Surely there will be updates.)



This seems to be the only link I have found to that wiki so far in my life.
Is it outdated? Who runs it? Who contributed the most so far?


Its not outdated, it’s quite new. Its not linked often because there’s not much content yet. The majority of the content was written by @nwthomas who set it up, I contributed a little, and I think one other person wrote some. It has some basic info but it isn’t there yet.

Its going to be integrated into FAQ for improved visibility so watch that space I guess.