How to supplement when consuming less than 2000 calories of Soylent?

I’m female, disabled/sedentary, and attempting to lose some weight. As a result, I need to consume only 1200 calories per day. That’s 3 bottles of Soylent 2.0. The problem is, three bottles of Soylent only contains about 60% of the US RDA of vitamins and minerals, right? So, how can I fix this issue? Or is Soylent not able to be used as complete nutrition for people who consume under 1800 to 2000 calories?

Also, just how much salt DO I need to add to my diet?


A multivitamin will do the trick. No need to worry about getting too much of a micronutrient unless you are taking mega doses.

You need to get 1110-1780mg more sodium or about 0.5-1 teaspoons.


many nutrients scale with overall caloric intake - you only need 60% of them, so you’re good.
I do add salt, myself.


This kind of question has come up before, and the problem is that AFAIK there is no master table of which vitamins have “flat” (ie, same for everybody) requirements, and which vitamins have higher/lower requirements for bigger/smaller/more active/less active/whatever people. I’m guessing that this kind of master table would be incredibly difficult to make, given how fuzzy a lot of vitamin and mineral requirements are in the first place.

My advice though is not to worry too much. 60% of US RDA is better than a lot of people do, and as persi says, for many of the vitamins and minerals you need less if you are consuming fewer calories.

I’d say stick with just the Soylent, then in a month or two get some blood work done to make sure you aren’t critically low on anything.


I agree with this. Eat Soylent up to your consumption level based on calories and every once in awhile if you feel you are missing out, take a multivitamin. I’d also supplement with a bit of fiber since Soylent 2.0 is a bit low in fiber, at least every other day. Take some psyllium (Metamucil)

I keep seeing this question quite a bit and I keep thinking about what I used to eat on a daily basis and even if I don’t get the full 100% from my future food I am betting its way more than I got before from burgers, pizza, soda many times a day. Unless I start feeling sick I probably get more than I used too.

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Dont forget to take iron pills too occasionally.

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I actually haven’t had any noticeable issues related to fiber content, though I have seen some people talk about it.