How to switch to Amazon delivery?

I’ve heard on the forums that subscribing through Amazon is more cost-efficient than subscribing directly through Soylent. Please fill me in.

Go to

Look up Soylent

See if it’s cheaper for you. If it is, press the “Subscribe and save” button.



Thank you! That’s a good start. I know it sounds so simple. Now how might I avoid getting a dual shipment from both ends or having a gap in service as I switch?

Subscribe and save ships once a month, and even if you have Prime they use slower shipping. You would only get a dual shipment if you left your subscription active, or if you had an order on the way and ordered from Amazon as well. As far as avoiding a gap in service, you would need to make sure the end of your estimated arrival date is before you need the Soylent, or plan on eating other food if that’s an option.


Thank you, wezaleff.

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By the way, how is Amazon able to make it less costly? Does Soylent lose revenue if we order through Amazon?

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My guess would be logistics. Amazon is a huge company, which probably gives them some perks in that area.


It’s also volume. Rosa makes less money per box when you buy from Amazon, but if using Amazon increases their sales enough, their profit will still increase.

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