How to turn 1.4 into 1.3?


Since clearly 1.4 is the direction Soylent is heading, I think it would be in our collective best interest if we singled out specific options for getting 1.4 to be as close to 1.3 as possible. I’d really like to experiment with this since we just got some more 1.4 and though we have easily 6 weeks’ worth of 1.3 still, it won’t last forever.

So far I believe it probably comes down to 3 things…

  1. Adjust the water ratio
  2. Add vanillin (not vanilla extract)
  3. Add sucralose

Either all or some combination of those items seems like it would probably be about as close as we can get. Unfortunately I’m not sure of the exact amounts to adjust of any of them, and don’t have a few days to mine the forums to try and find where they’ve been discussed in specific.

If anyone can suggest amounts to change/add - ideally from personal experience - it would be a big help to lots of us I’m sure!


Don’t forget to add protein. It might change the texture, and taste.


Ah good point, forgot that they did alter the protein content as well. Though that’s starting to become a little more like actual “food prep” and less like “throw in a dash of these two things”. But yeah… I can see how protein could make a difference.


Start with a glass and just add drops until you get ratios you like. For the added powders (protein, fiber) once you figure out the ratios you could combine them in a large container, shake real good then you’ve got a months supply of additive… Then you just need to find the right scoop.

I’m planning on trying this with the chocolate schmilk… Once I find the perfect ratio of Schmilk to additional cocoa to additional protein, I’ll mix up a few weeks worth of powder… Then per serving it’s just milk and a scoop in the small blender and done!


Yeah at the moment we only have powdered sucralose (splenda) and I plan to get powdered vanillin, so I can’t do drops. Does anyone know the amount of powdered sucralose/vanillin per pitcher?


I way overloaded v1.3 with vanilla extract (not vanillin) and Splenda, so I don’t know what v1.3’s flavor baseline would be. I’m not sure how much doctoring will help the goal of recreating v1.3 in any event, since it seems like a lot of the textural and possibly some of the flavor issues derive from the loads of fat in the new formula. Adding flavors is one thing, but taking others out is another matter entirely. Personally, I hope they lower the fat content moving forward, and maybe move away from some of these seed oils. Maybe they will perfect the algal oil they were developing and make it flavor (and odor) neutral.


I’ve got vanillin and ethylvanillin on the way to experiment with. Sadly I have no idea how much to start with, so it really will be experimenting! Maybe @conor could ask how much and what type of vanillin was in 1.0-1.3?

As far as sucralose I thought they were the same in 1.3 and 1.4, so if you are trying to recreate 1.3 I don’t know how helpful additional sweetener will be. However I know earlier versions had 60mg of sucralose instead of 30mg, so you could start there. If you have a set of miniature measuring spoons, I would use increments of 1/64 tsp to be safe (which sounds small, but pure sucralose is about 600 time sweeter than sucrose, so 1/64 tsp is the sweetness of about 3 Tbsp of table sugar). I long ago had some idea how many mg was in each measure, but I’ve used the sucralose enough that I go by volume now.

After typing all that out I see that you’re using Splenda. All the Splenda I’ve used has been sucralose mixed with maltodextrin to “fluff” up the volume (specifically the big bags of “baking” Splenda are supposed to measure 1:1 with table sugar). The downside is that you’re adding sucralose and maltodextrin instead of pure sucralose (which you can buy on Amazon). Apparently the individual packets have dextrose and maltodextrin as additives.

I tried watering down 1.4 and found it to be kind of gross, and it didn’t taste anything more like 1.3 to me. Maybe I’m beginning to prefer the thickness of 1.4.


Ah good points about Splenda… I wasn’t aware but it makes sense that they would pad it so people feel like it’s substantial. I guess like you said it really will be pure experimentation. I guess I could try with portions of a bag… like half cup increments of Soylent or something. Would hate to waste a full bag at a time as I try and get the balance right.


Yeah I think I’ll experiment with one serving (500 calories) and then just quadruple it if I end up doing a whole pitcher.

Oh and I felt silly when I looked at my bag of sucralose this morning. 1/64 tsp is 30mg according to the label!


You can buy liquid sucralose in a squeeze bottle, where a drop is equivalent to a teaspoon, or to half a teaspoon, which makes measuring easy and leaves out most filler.


Yeah when I actually buy some sucralose I think I’ll go with liquid, since adding liquid stevia has been so easy. My current supply of Splenda is courtesy of Starbucks. :wink:


Better than nothing!


BTW I just checked at (where I get my caffeine/theanine capsules) and they have 50 grams of sucralose for $10. 1/3 cheaper than Amazon.


Well I just ordered sucralose, vanillin, and orange oil so… will start playing with 1.4 next week when it all arrives, and see what I can accomplish with it!


My expectation is that with the right combination of vanillin and orange oil, you’ll find you don’t need the sucralose. I was adding sucralose to my 1.3, but have ended up not adding any to my Creamsicle flavoring.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I like citrus and creamsicles are awesome so, I’m looking forward to finding the right balance.


I tried adding vanilla flavor plus sucralose, and it didn’t taste anything like 1.3. I think the only way to improve the flavor is to remove salt, which is pretty much impossible.


Flavor can also be improved(people can be made to like the flavour) by consuming it immediately after preparation before refrigeration.


It has been discussed multiple times that the taste unrefrigerated is horrendously bad. That being said, at least a few people said they liked it, so it’s clearly very individual. Personally I’m not going anywhere near it room temp. The smell alone makes me not want to drink it.


Yeah that’s a good point… but can’t sweet counter salty? Or is that not how it works? Seems like there should be some way to neutralize it… Clearly I know little to nothing about this sort of stuff.