How to Turn 100% Food Raw into 100% Food Chocolate?


I ordered 100% Food Raw, Chocolate, and Spicy versions from @Spaceman recently. The Raw version is pretty good. The Chocolate version is great! The Spicy version tastes very similar to the Raw version.

I would like to turn the rest of the Raw bottles that I have into bottles of Chocolate. Is that as simple as adding a teaspoon of cocoa? I realize that I could experiment, and I plan to if needed, but I thought I would ask first in case it is a simple one ingredient transformation.

Thank you.


Best to ask @Spaceman, he will have a suggestion.


Thanks @8O8 for suggestion.

@Keith, sure you can play with extra flavors, not only with chocolate.

We made a Raw formula to be a base of our blends and add different flavors to it.
You may use Cocoa to add choco taste, you may add shredded coconut or freeze dried berries to get a fruit taste, you may add juice to make a smoothie. Have a look at this thread at Marketplace forum for more variants.


Thanks @Spaceman! I hadn’t thought of shreded coconut , but that would be good.


@Keith - you’d better thank @ruipacheco - it was his idea.