How to update shipping for backerkit soylent?


I was able to change the shipping address for my Soylent subscription but I am locked in for the subscription via the kickstarter/backerkit website. I am moving to a new place and have to change my home address. @JulioMiles maybe will be able to help?


If you haven’t already, i would also recommend sending an email to with the address change details.


I’m in a similar situation (moving cross-country in a few weeks) except I can’t seem to change either of my orders.

I ordered 1 week through kickstarter/backerkit back in September, then placed another 1 month order (non-subscription) last month through the current site. I used the same email address, but I’m getting a message saying “The email address entered does not belong to any account.” if I try to log in or reset my password. Maybe because it was a single order, instead of a subscription?

I’m emailing, but figured I’d try pinging @JulioMiles as well.


I was unaware of this option. I will do this now, thanks!


I can confirm that the portal is only for subscriptions, and emailing is the correct way to go for any non-subcription address changes.

Got this response today:

Thank you for contacting us! Your address change request will be processed in the near future. We will confirm the changes with you once one of our specialized team members completes the request.

Yes you are correct in regards to the portal not letting you in as currently it is only setup to manage subscriptions. Any changes that are necessary for one-time orders are processed via the customer service team. Hope this helps!