How was it sold in Canada for over 2 years?

Was RL aware that it wasn’t in full compliance with regulations?

What events lead up to the ‘sudden’ unavailability in Canada? what was the first domino…

And, could soylent simply be marketed differently in Canada and be sold as a ‘snack’ or something else?

A whole thread on this:

I understand that, but it took me all of 2 mins to go on the govt of Canada website, type in “meal replacement” in the search box and immediately see:

It is prohibited to sell or advertise a meal replacements unless… it meets the requirements for a meal replacement as set out in B.24.200, FDR. These include…
- a maximum amount of energy derived from fat (35 percent)

I don’t understand how RL didn’t know this. Or, more likely, they knew they were breaking the rules and thought no one would ever notice. I mean either they were being incompetent and didn’t bother googling the requirements to enter Canada, or they knew and… well I don’t know what they were possibly thinking if they knew they were breaking rules and just tried to keep selling.

Every possible conclusion regarding this being sold officially to Canadians leaves a bad taste in my mouth (pardon the pun). I’m sure I feel like another entitled consumer, but I sincerely hope that the next market they decide to enter, they look at whether they are legally allowed to sell their product in its current form, and consider options if needed, such as labelling or marketing it as food, perhaps not a full “meal replacement” even if necessary on a special localized version of their website, rather than just throwing caution to the wind and plowing ahead.

We think of our product as food and treat it as such. We are seen (and regulated) as a food in the US. In this instance a reclassification is not something we have control over. We’re working on ways to address the issue and have Soylent back in Canada.


So in other words, Soylent entered Canada as food, and at some point they said “no, it’s a meal replacement!”?

Which honestly baffles me. How is there a non-food meal replacement? Do they think breatharianism is a real thing? Is there someone packaging wood chips as meals?

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It does make sense to call it a meal replacement, but the 35% fat limit seems ‘interresting’. I am pretty sure it would fall under the same catagory here in Europe. Though in my opinion, it should mainly apply to diet products. (Low calories and replaces a meal = meal replacement. High calories and is a meal = meal)

…under the same category here in Europe…

I thought, hmm, I’ll quickly do a search and see. Hah! If you ever have insomnia boy do I have a cure for you!

Just the tip of the iceberg of EU Food regulations. Sweet dreams…


What’s funny, is when I called the CFIA, the person I spoke to said ‘we don’t regulate that’, I said — as a matter of fact you do. (Citing the release as well as emails to CFIA). Their response…oh… let me transfer you to someone else.


Wonder what sparked a sudden reclassification after all this time. Maybe a competitor brought the CFIA’s attention to Soylent.

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I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I also found it amusing how the alt-lents piled into the reddit threads to advertise themselves, offering sales etc. :neutral_face:

Generally government agencies operate slowly, regulation tends to be reactive and not proactive. We are working hard to get Soylent back to Canadian subscribers.


Hope it’s soon! I’ve been trying to stretch out my now-very-limited supply, and that’s led me to going out for fast food for lunch at work. I’ve gained 10 pounds already! :worried::sweat_smile:

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Yes, Thank you. I’m hoping you are gaining some ground there. Although the problem I see is much more difficult because unless the Canadian food reg changes to reduce the sugar content, we are stuck. I’m hoping that Soylent doesn’t increase the carb content to reduce the fat. As it is I find the most bottled versions to be too sweet. But maybe increase in the fiber would help. It would mean two versions of the whole line of product. One as standard and the 2nd with extra Fiber.