How will Soylent affect acne?


Have testers experienced an increased / decreased amount of acne when taking Soylent? How, in theory, will Soylent affect acne?


I don’t know about acne specifically, but I recall that many testers have reported improved skin condition.


Seconding @shadowhawkxx; After > 4 mos on a DIY formula, my own acne, limited and not really severe, improved along with my skin in general. Blemishes still pop up, but using witch hazel or equivalent will usually clear it up pretty quickly.

I would be curious to know the theory behind it, though. Is it a matter of vitamins I’m taking, or a lack of something else that causes the improvement? Combination of both?


Seconding @shadowhawkxx and @mrob. Skin condition overall improved. Also my little eczema-condition has improved significantly.


Thank you for the feedback, I would have thought it would help skin conditions and it’s great to see some positive results initially in the DIY world.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but in reality I know I really am hoping it will help with Rosacea. I’m not going to be angry or blame Soylent if it doesn’t mind you.


In my limited experience and sample size of 1, an anti-inflammatory diet (no dairy, no sugar, no starch except when you absolutely have to have vegetables, but still not potatoes) does miracles for acne over the course of a month, but is almost impossible to maintain. I imagine soylent would have a similar effect.


It really is difficult to obtain a diet with no dairy, no sugar and no starch, mostly because of the costs. However, I can feed a family of 3 for one month for less than the cost of Soylent for an individual for one month on real foods (not processed).


Yep - it’s exorbitantly expensive. When I went back to (real, non-processed) carbohydrates (low-GI/GL), keeping dairy and sugar out, the acne returned within a week - it appears to be a starch thing, rather than a processed thing.


Good to know! I’ll do some digging before I go grocery shopping this weekend. I’ve got a 14 year old with mad acne.

At any rate, I like the idea of Soylent. I’m just not sure I could part with food. I actually love cooking and experimenting and tasting it!!


Haha, so don’t! It seems to be this common logical fallacy that soylent is “one or the other”, but a lot of people have reported great success just replacing their “boring” meals, and in fact enjoying the remaining ones much more as a result. I think one of the better metaphors I’ve heard was something like “I enjoy movies, and going out to see art. But if I went out every night, I’d get sort of sick of it. Food is the same way.”