How would you get minerals without pills?

Unlike vitamins in effervescent form, which are 100% absorbent, minerals are a different story and taking them via supplements is an illusion because that’s not how the body takes them in.

So, I’m trying to fill this vegetarian keto profile, what should I add to fill up most of the minerals?

I’m not so sure you are right about the minerals. If that were true after more than a year and a half I think I would be showing signs of deficiency by now. What matters is what the mineral is attached to. For instance magnesium gluconate is good because your body absorbs the gluconate and takes the magnesium with it.


I just lick rocks.


Different forms of minerals are absorbed better or worse than others. It’s not exclusively a “food-based” versus “supplement-based” dichotomy.

Many minerals in grains and legumes are bound to phytic acid, meaning that you can’t absorb them very well (especially if uncooked or unfermented). Iron found in plants is much less bioavailable than iron in animals (like red meat) and the Institute of Medicine recommends double (1.8x) the intake of iron if you are getting it from plant-based sources instead of meat.

Like @horsfield said, magnesium gluconate or citrate is absorbed more readily than, say, magnesium oxide. And even magnesium oxide may perhaps be absorbed better than a magnesium phytate complex found in a grain or legume or nut. The magnesium in leafy greens or dairy products, however, might be absorbed very well. I’m not sure of the exact numbers on those.


Is there a brand that tries to account for all of those things instead of just isolating them from rocks?

They all do.

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Also, the system relies on acids for absorption of some minerals, and your stomach creates the acids - but only in response to food. The net result is that you can’t absorb the minerals unless you take them with food.

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Which brand are you using?
I’ve read studies that state pills have low absorption rates due to binding agents.

Shaklee and Now foods.

Can you post links to these studies?