How would you like to see soylent packged?


I’m not talking about how a box you would buy from the store would look like, but how would you like to see your “daily dose” of soylent packaged?

1 package for an entire day?
3 packages per day for the traditional square meals a day?

I think I personally would prefer the 3 package per day setup as it would allow me to more easily eat a regular meal without having to “waste” some soylent or do a half-assed job of measuring out a third if the days worth to save for later.

As an added bonus it would be much easier to get “factory supplemented” versions, like a breakfast (more maltodextrin for that pep you might want to help wake up) or late night (less instant energy, for someone who missed their meal and doesn’t want to be wired before bed)


1 package per day seems like the logical choice, then users can divide that day’s meals up as they see fit.


@Daiceman - Having it packaged separately for each “meal” would be convenient. However, I’ve heard of many people breaking theirs up into 4 or 5 meals per day, and I can’t think of a simple solution that would appease both approaches.

I do like the idea of tweaking the contents of each meal though. More energy in the morning and in the afternoon, and less so at night (when you’re going to want to be winding down anyways) sounds ideal, for me at least.


Customizability is definitely desirable, but so is convenience – at this point, mixing Soylent and water isn’t a 15-second exercise, it takes some pretty determined stirring to get everything distributed and smooth, and it makes sense to make an entire day’s supply at once. Preparing it at once also makes it easier to portion it out through the day, as @gilahacker mentioned.


I would most prefer getting it in a really large single container, like 2 or 4 weeks worth (I don’t have a good sense of how much space a single serving takes up). A part of the objective of Soylent is its low-cost design, and them having to produce less plastic would keep the cost low for consumers. I do agree it will be difficult to have “exact” portions measured each meal (unless it includes a scooper), but that’s only an inconvenience when down to the final serving in my opinion, not a serious concern for standard servings.

I also think that works well as a first-generation sort of thing. I think if they start receiving good income, it would be complementary to that distribution to also produce pre-mixed individual bottles, on grocery shelves right next to Ensure (though I assume there’s difficulties in that, introducing a shelf-life issue). Producing per-meal bottled powder I don’t think is financially ideal for the consumers.


A single package with a spoon that measures one meal’s worth of Soylent. I don’t want to fiddle with scales and other kit. I just want to put it in the shaker and move on with my life.


As cheaply as possible.

One of the main tenets of Soylent is price. One large container with a small measuring cup would seem to be the cheapest way.


Anyway, I will sometimes want to replace just one meal a day and would be glad to be able to get some of my Soylent divided into 1/3, 1/4 or even 1/5 day bags.


Why not divide it up by calories? Assuming everything is included in the powder and mixes evenly, you could just have a scoop to measure about approx. 500kcal’s worth of Soylent. If somebody wants 3 meals a day they can have a scoop for breakfast, a scoop for lunch and two for dinner to get 2000kcal and a proportionate amount of micronutrients – if somebody wants 3500kcal over two meals they can have three and four scoops.

Hell, you could charge extra for smaller scoops to get some extra cash from pedants.


Assuming it mixes evenly. :wink:


Exactly why I wouldn’t want a giant batch of it. I’m a little leery of even having a full day’s supply mixed at a time, unless you’re supposed to mix it all at once (with water or whatever liquid you use) because I’d be worried about everything not being distributed evenly and then ending up getting all of something at once, which could be potentially dangerous.


I much less worried about even distribution in a solution than in powder form.


I will be traveling next week and will separate my daily 500 Gm pack into either 4 or 5 servings. This way I can take it in my carry on and grab a bottle of water at the airport. Pour in my Soylent and no worry about having to settle for some awful airport food.


I’d like to have one package for an entire day. This way I could mix up one big batch in the morning (or previous night) and know that as long as I drank it all I’d be getting everything I need.

I bought the one month supply, and I’d prefer not to deal with 150 little baggies of Soylent when my shipment comes in.


I like this idea too. A bucket that held enough for a month and maybe one that held two weeks worth of product, maybe even a week size option. Having those sizes would make it convenient for taking on vacation or on a camping trip or something. Screw on lid that makes it airtight and watertight. Plus a measuring scoop with directions saying how much calories there are per scoop depending on the mix you are using.


I think a major issue with this is that all the ingredients in Soylent have different densities and particle sizes, if we packaged it in bulk (bucket of a week/month supply) there could be issues with settling/separation & getting the correct proportion of each ingredient in each scoop.


Maybe leave enough room in the bucket to shake it up to mix?


It’s already going to be a pretty huge bucket if it’s any more than a week’s supply :smile:

And not sure how effective agitation would be, seems like that it might serve to separate it even further?


Thankfully, Soylent Corp doesn’t have to provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Provided there are no quality issues (separation) with packaging it in bulk containers, that option will I’m sure be available, at least eventually.


@andrewf I think most of us realize that a daily package is probably the biggest size to expect, as anything else could lead to an uneven mix that could potentially cause overdosage issues.

While a daily package makes the most sense for an entire meal replacement regimen, I think many users will likely just want to replace breakfast/lunch with soylent, which leaves them with the option of either trying to take out 1/3 before mixing, or “wasting” 1/3 of what they’d mix in the morning.

Even if soylent comes in 1 day packages, I would likely split it up into 3 portions and mix them with cold water right before I want to drink it. I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a task to buy 3 plastic containers and put marks on them to show when they’ve got 1/3 a days worth in them.