How would you like to see soylent packged?


Soylent doesn’t spoil in a day – I generally make a day’s supply and consume it over the course of 2 days, because I still eat ~1 solid meal/day.


Really? I would have sworn I saw something posted by rob a few months back about how it doesn’t keep much more then a day. Guess the formula improvements have either improved that or I’m just not remembering it correctly.


Hmm, might have been the case in the early versions, but refrigerated .8 alpha will certainly keep for a few days.

Prepared Soylent Drink Ahead of Time?
Mixing ahead of time - shelf life?

Single serving packets would work best for me. Like those tubular vitamin powder packs you can add to your bottled water. Or many of the powdered things - like crystal light, etc. PERFECTION right there.

Ship those puppies in a week supply or monthly supply box and then peeps can just choose how many packets they want per day. If you sell them this way, they could eventually be appearing in gas station convenience marts all over the country with some snazzy wrappers just like energy shot things and whatnot!. (along with other stores!) :smile:

Alternately allow folks to choose their own options (once the official website is up and running) as long as the options available don’t compromise the integrity of the product. :wink:


I kind of want to see the micro and macro nutrients broken up. Have a day serving of micro nutrients, and then have the macro nutrients come in a bucket.

That way I can add in the micro that I need for the day, then add in however many scoops of macro that I need to hit my protein / caloric intake.

If that isn’t possible, then having a day packet would work for me. I would just go out and buy some other protein to supplement in to increase my macro nutrients.


Ideal would be something like a bottle that had all the powder in it for one meal, and you just add the liquid, plus little packets for the various addons (Nootropics, or like @HarveyDesu says, different nutrients for crazy bodybuilder types. :smiley: ), and a selection of flavorants available. For me, anyway, of course. But that’d be a LOT of packaging. Otherwise, a jar like the various GNC things with a scoop (preferably with a long enough handle that it isn’t necessary to get my pink little paddypaws jammed into the jar).

Something like the Soybot that was mentioned here on the forums would be cool too. Frob buttons for the type of meal you want and it automixes and dispenses it for you.


I think having multiple options would be best fior the long-term, but short-term, ruipacheco’s idea of having a big package with a one-serving (or even half-serving) spoon would be the easiest and most flexible.


One big container like protein powder would be the best with a scoop. This would minimize packaging costs and waste and is very easy - I drink 2 or more Vega protein shakes a day.


Seriously…just a zip bag with a days worth of Soylent.

When you get it, you put it in a bottle and mix it up. Either keep it there or pour into 3-4-5 other bottles for your days needs.

I know Soylent is to be as easy as possible…but come on, how easy can it get? The next step would be to have someone come round to your home and inject it directly into your veins.

Price, as long as the recipe isn’t impaired, should be the main consideration.


Ziptop bags are kind of a pain to scoop out of, especially once they get low. That’s why I mentioned the plastic jar. But aside from that, yeah.


Fair enough, but something cheap. Something that can hold up to 500g of powder. Then it’s up to you to choose how to mix it.

At the minute I am storing a few days worth (the powder form) in small plastic containers. Each day is stored individually and all I have to do is pour one containers worth it into my blender with 1.5 litres of water and oil…then blend it.

I then pour it into a 2 litre bottle and put it in the fridge. Then drink as required.

The only way I could think it would be easier than that would be to get your butler to do it for you…and unfortunately my butler seems to be on strike. :smiley:


Great suggestions! To cut down on waste, how about a container that twists at the top. Each turn opens a section, 3 total. Just like what I used for my infant son’s powdered milk. It was super easy to fill it every morning and just poured it into a shaker. You already have a Soylent shaker, just put the Soylent logo on the container too. Make it super easy so there are no excuses to not fill it up the night before or the morning of… It has to easier than driving through a fast food joint.


I understand if this is not possible, but what about a big container either for the week or the month and then having different cup sizes like 1, 3, 4, and 5. Each cup would represent the total number of servings per day. So if I wanted to split my day into 4 servings, I’d dip the 4 cup into the week/month bag. This would reduce packaging materials and also allow great flexibility. The 1 day cup could be used to easily measure for trips (like camping).


I like the single container with a scoop which would be one meals worth. Similar to how you get protein powder now. Individual servings would create too much trash. I like the idea from another post, that the scoop idea would give the user flexibility to tweek the base with additional protein or carbs depending on the time of the day and their activity level.


If ketogenic macros are available (60% fat, 30% protein, 10% carbs [possibly carbs that don’t spike insulin, like superstarch]), then 2 containers would be good: one for macros and one for micronutrients.

If not, then 4 containers: proteins, fat, carbs and micronutrients, which we can mix adapting the quantities to our needs.


I’m very happy to see this. It was my big safety concern at this point :slight_smile:


This is a very good idea, it allows for customisation depending on diet type just using the single same soylent mix. On the downside it makes it an extra step for those who just want ‘meal replacement’ and aren’t too fussed, but perhaps this is an easyish way (a least initially) to allow for customising, just separate out the macros, perhaps allow as an option when ordering and have 2 versions to send out, the full mix, and separated mix.


Ideally, I’d like to see 3 meal size packets per day. I plan to bring lunch to work and drink breakfast in the car, so easily subdividable is important for me.


Individual meal size packets. Grab and go. As for longevity of the product made in larger batches, almond milk should keep it from spoiling too quickly, right?