How's the 'gastric distress' after a few weeks with Soylent?


Hello all,

Trying to get a read from those who have been consuming official Soylent for a few weeks now, how have the ‘side effects’ been after your gut has had time to normalize?

I have some trouble with heartburn and acidic burps after meals, and am hoping that all around acidity/flatulence/etc. will take a nose dive once Soylent can replace a good subset of my dining experiences.

Any thoughts from your personal experiences?


I also experienced heat burn and acidic burps on and off with larger meals (especially spicy ones) but after two weeks of Soylent I haven’t had any such problems. On the third of forth day I did have some minor heartburn that was a bit uncomfortable. I took a day off and went back to regular foods then started up on Soylent again the next day and haven’t had any issues since. As far as flatulence goes, for the first couple of days I was much gassier than normal, but around day 4-5 I started to subside. Now at the two week mark, everything is back to normal.


Try not to drink too much at once, or within a reasonable timeframe. I try to not have more than 600ml in a 3 hour period. If you do, your stomach may not hold it all so it backs up. It might help to just have regularly spaced meals rather than constant sipping, unless you are sure you don’t exceed whatever limit you decide on within a few hours.


The only issue we ever experienced was gas, me worse than she. But she was used to taking a lot of fiber supplementation and I wasn’t, so that made sense. It’s evened out now though, no real issues to speak of anymore. On those occasions that I do have a touch of gas it is much stinkier than before Soylent, but again that’s not very surprising given that I’m now getting all kinds of nutrition I never was previously.

But digestively, we’ve both been in really good shape, in fact if anything I’d say our digestion has been better than ever. The only times we ever notice anything worth mentioning, is after we have a good sized conventional meal. Afterwords, we tend to have more difficult bowel movements and some stomach rumbling. But on days we do all Soylent, it’s all quiet down below…