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Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I’ve been working on a Soylent recipe builder that takes the best bits from Google Spreadsheets and adds some cool features on top. I’ve got it to a stage where I can show something… so without further ado I’d like to present…

I took the liberty of creating a 4 minute screencast which demos the app which you can find on the home page (though you may need Google Chrome or Safari to view it).

Anyway, if there is some enthusiasm for the app I’d like to continue working to expand the feature set in the hope of creating a one stop shop for DIY Soylent makers.

Thanks to @bigepidemic for letting me use his recipe as a test.

Feedback much appreciated!


Awesome work! I’ve poked at it a bit, and got the error:
Cast to number failed for value “$121.45” at path “cost”

Obviously this was my fault, but it might be useful to strip out non-numerical characters when saving so it makes it easier to copy / paste from an existing recipe.

As a second feature-request, I’m not sure how feasible it would be from a user interface perspective, do you think it would be possible that when you select ‘add ingredient’ that you can pick from existing ingredients? They could be narrowed down by Source, Manufacturer, and Country of Origin. Or, simply auto-fill fields when it gets a matching URL ( notwithstanding, because that has the ability to create custom mixes.)

With your permission, I can throw this on the sidebar of the /r/soylent subreddit.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve now fixed the ‘cast’ error and also added your feature request whereby typing in an ingredient that already exists from the ‘new ingredient’ popup will bring up a list you can choose from. Selecting an item from that list will auto-fill the other fields.

There are tons of potential features for this app… but in the nearer term I’m planning on adding:

  • Comments
  • Ingredient list and detail pages (you can see the start of this at )
  • Nutrient list and detail pages
  • Recipe versioning and duplication (‘forking’)

Good idea but I don’t like the idea of signing up… why is it needed? What do you do with the information you get from signing up and how do you store it?

People are posting recipes with no ingredients and one with only 2… how are you going to stop the site from being filled with useless recipes? Maybe add a “demo” version where you can play with a recipe but cant save it to the site?

It’s so that only the author can edit or delete a recipe. Otherwise someone could come in and delete everything or generally mess things up. Passwords are salted and sha’ed before being stored in the db.

Also nice suggestion on the junk recipes. I’ll add in a ‘publish’ button once someone is ready to share a completed recipe on the search list.

@mrob would be more than happy for a link on the reddit sidebar

Great work Nick.

Manganese is missing a “n” & “a” in your ingredients list.

Nice Work!

How about a link to a Amazon shopping cart or similar as part of the recipe? I would not mind the recipe creator throwing in a affiliate link as well since they have done a lot of work creating the recipe and then sharing it.

Thanks for the recipe @bigepidemic.

looks good. would be nice if it was open source and/or there was a way to export your data.

i once made some suggestions in a thread about another soylent web app:

A bug report: you can see that both of my recipes have $NaN listed as the price on the front page, though both have the correct price listed when you click into the entry.

A feature request: could we write notes associated with our recipes, to explain the decisions involved in making them?

Another feature request: could we change the default order in which ingredients are listed?


Just wanted to let you know that the app looks great. I can’t wait to see how it evolves as ideas are suggested and added. Just wanted to say thanks for the work.

Thanks for the feedback everyone and encouragement :smile:

I’m currently working on a feature called ‘Nutrient Profiles’ that will let you define nutrient targets, then apply them to a recipe. I’ll post again here once it’s uploaded.


Fantastic, thank you!

I’ve uploaded a new version of the site… now with Nutrient Profiles :slight_smile:

You can also add formatted descriptions to recipes and nutrient profiles.

If anyone has more feature requests… please post them here.


Beautiful stuff Nick, thank you! :slight_smile:

My mom is trying to lose weight, and last night she asked me to make a soylent recipe that she could use for meal replacement. I used this website to work everything out. I also have a bunch of private recipes that I use to experiment with different versions of things. So in short, it’s been a great tool for me.

I noticed that you added the ability to enter descriptions. Thank you for that!

Now a bug report. When I click on an ingredient in any recipe (mine or otherwise), I no longer get the pop-up dialog about that ingredient. With two exceptions: in my recipes which include cinnamon and vanilla, I get the pop-up dialogs for those ingredients when I click them. These two ingredients are exactly the ingredients in my recipes which have no nutrition facts entered for them (no calories or anything else). I am on Windows 8, and I tried and got the bug identically in both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

If you are inclined to do it, it would be lovely to be able to enter upper limits for nutrients as part of our nutrient profiles. It would be particularly nice if this feature let us distinguish between “I haven’t entered an upper limit” and “I am not giving an upper limit because the ingredient is nontoxic and for all practical purposes you can put in as much as you want.”

Thank you for everything! This is a great website, and I am hoping to see people putting up lots of recipes on it in the future.

Nice! Just tried this yesterday and was about to suggest editable nutrition targets. Some suggestions:

  1. I’d also like the toxicity profiles. For example:

  2. “Calories” should be kilocalories (“kcalories”) in most places, no?

  3. A few more changeable units would be useful. E.g. currency (like €, not only $) and perhaps selectable mass unit when adding an ingredient (to avoid manual conversions). The most difficult ones seem to be IU. Found a converter here but it’s a bit cumbersome to work with when entering ingredients:

  4. How about showing mass units in the recipe table heading also?

  5. A vertical list (perhaps with a graphical bar chart, e.g. 0-500% and red when toxic!) of target nutrients under the recipe table would make it easier to see progress / current state of the recipe.

  6. “Private” checkbox for ingredients, too, might be a good idea. Some people may have access/preference to stuff that other people won’t find useful at all (like local products that can’t be purchased anywhere else in the world), and showing them as options for everybody just confuses them.

Great app. I was able to enter and edit a recipe, and I really appreciated the functionality. With the addition of the nutrient profiles, editing is broken as of now. 6:39 PDT 7/16/2013.

I had entered some ingredients without prices, and was going to edit them with prices. With editing not functioning currently, I ended up entering in a duplicate ingredient. I see you fixed the app to handle no price entry.

I would suggest that there be a monitored database of standard ingredients with the ability to have private ingredients. Inputting an accurate full nutrition profile can be a bit tricky, especially when units can vary.

Thanks so much for your time in producing this app. I think it has a lot of potential. it certainly has helped me tinker with my idea for a recipe that one can get up and running inexpensively within an hour of deciding to give this a try, instead of waiting a week for

By the way, I have not been able to determine the sulfur content of sulfured molasses, but it seems like a possible source for our Australian friends who cannot import Sulfur MSM. Also, a little bit of molasses adds a lot of nutrients, a nice caramel color, and a nice alternative to vanilla or cinnamon.

All oil from flaxseed is a little much. A coffee grinder works wonders for rolled oats and flaxseed, and reduces cost of oat flour to 99 cents for 454 grams.

I’ve just uploaded a fix for the editing recipes bug. I also added nutrient maximums which turn red in the recipe table when reached.

I also added private checkboxes for ingredients and units in the recipe table headings.

More soon!


After the fix, I was able to enter, edit and correct my recipe. This application is muy guapo.

I made the recipe public again, now that I have a decent draft. I just had my first glass of it, and it was great. I reduced the Brown Rice Syrup to 50g because I am looking to reduce carbs a bit, and the MSM to 2.5g which is the recommended serving. The Kale was added for Vitamin K, but adds high quality protein, Vitamin C, and more Vitamin A than carrots.

If you see any mistakes in the Oat, Whey, Flax, Brown Rice Syrup recipe, let me know.

Considering how much time many of us has spent in Google and Excel spreadsheets, tweaking and updating formula left and right, I’d say this is an apt statement.

Keep up the awesome work @nickp, I’ve since added it to the /r/soylent sidebar. Feel free to make a post about it, though!