Http:// needs better sorting


The number of recipes is growing and things may become unmanageable.

I believe we need to categorise recipes better to make searching easy.

I suggest we add the country the recipe comes from and the gender it’s targeting, for starters.
Add a search function that allows us to filter by categories (keto, male, female, in Europe, US, etc).
Then somehow suggest users, upon login, to categorise their recipes if they aren’t to make sure no old recipes fall through the cracks and they all get the attention they deserve.

I am happy to provide some of my time, as long as I don’t have to learn any new frameworks or languages - I really can’t do that right now.


I agree. However, that’s definitely an awesome problem to have. :slight_smile:


Agreed (stupid word limit) and yes it it good that we have so many recipies

Can we remove the 20 character minimum from posts?

Another categorization could be by the RDA profile (with the ones that come closest to that at the top?)


I agree, if the developer has the time or will. Sorting would be very useful. For example being able to sort recipes by daily price, etc.


I would like to categorize it after how complete the recipe is compared to a selected Nutrition Profile. I am not interested in profiles that doesn’t at least meet Rob’s or the government recommended profile in terms of macros, vitamins and minerals


Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m working on an update that will implement filtering, sorting and an indication of profile completeness on the recipes list. Right now I’m defining ‘profile completeness’ as the % of nutrients that are 90% or above or their target. Any comments on that definition?


I’d go with a calculation method that lets users distinguish between those recipes that, with your definition, would all be 100% complete. Do you see any problems with

(sum of % of all nutrients) / (100 * number of nutrients)

? This way, only a “perfect” recipe is 100% complete, while those that are slightly off are, for example, just 99.7% complete.

With both approaches, it’s strange that a perfect recipe without carbs will have the same completeness as a perfect recipe without Iodine. But any kind of “weighting” will be highly subjective.

There sould also be some penalty for nutrients that over their maximum.


Also, how are you going to filter?


This has now been done. Check out the MakeSoylent thread or head over to the recipes list to play around with it.

@blinry Thanks for your suggestion - that’s probably a better definition of completeness. I’ll add it to the feature list.