Huel Dietician Comparison between Huel/Soylent/Joylent


The writeup could be biased since it comes from Huel (they claim in the opening that it is not), but they had three dietitians do a comparison between Huel, Soylent (powder, 1.5), and Joylent:


Huel does indeed appear to be more nutritionally complete, and I like their choices of protein and carbohydrates. Too bad that they don’t operate in the US.


Apparently they plan on expanding the the US in the near future.


They published three dietitian comparisons between Huel, Soylent, and Joylent. They may have had a hundred and forty dietitians do the comparison for all we know.

I was at a park where Pepsi was doing the “Coke vs Pepsi Challenge” and our whole group tried it and all chose Coke in the blind taste test. None of us were featured in a Pepsi commercial.


I was suspicious as well, being that it was their website, and all three liked their product the best. (Even though they continually state throughout the article that it was unbiased, there is really no way to know for sure.)

All three seem to not like the low fiber content of Soylent. Dietitian #2 seems to put too much confidence in “natural” foods. One of them mentions the omega-3 are better balanced in Huel, but I don’t know how they would know that just looking at the nutrition label. (unless they are just guessing from the ingredient list)


As to the number of dietitians, it says “In total, I approached around 20 dietitians. Most were unavailable, unwilling or simply didn’t respond to my inquiry into the work.” It goes on that four were sent the material but they threw out one of the four responses because it was incomplete.


Had never heard of this product. If you look at their main site ( the resemblance to is striking, in graphics, in packaging, statement of purpose. If they market in the USA they will be a very direct head-to-head competitor. Soylent will have to up their game.


I just got a Facebook ad for Huel (perhaps because I “like” Soylent?). Apparently Huel is now available in the U.S. at, in addition to the UK.

I really like how Huel has more protein, with fewer carbs and fat than Soylent. I’ve never tried a Soylent competitor, but I’m tempted to now. Thoughts?


huel is people! dont you know?


This has also drawn me to want to try Huel, I have tried Joylent but was not a big fan. I haven’t ordered any as of yet, it has been on my list of things to try though.


I remember seeing Huel advertised on those boards during a Premier League soccer match a while back. Signed up to be notified when they begin shipping to Canada. I may give it a try then depending on the price.


Human Fuel apparently. They never have really specified if they meant for, or from, humans.


Huel uses raw oats which is no bueno. (Hard to digest, probably not healthy) And it has 148g of protein per 2000 calories. That is WAY too much!


thats about right if you look it up


You would have to eat almost 8 quarter pound patties of red meat to get to 148 grams. (19g per patty)

Or almost 25 eggs! (6g per large egg)

With that said, I do like the fact they’re using pea/rice proteins. If they could just bail those raw oats and find something else to use, Huel would be something for me to try.


If you want to skew a comparison among three products, put the least favored product first and your favored product last.

The “scientific” way of doing the comparison would have been to randomly label different products 1, 2, and 3, so Soylent would be 1 to one nutritionist, 2 to another and 3 to another.

I see that no allowance was made for RF’s claim that what the label calls “sugar” isn’t normal sugar because it is absorbed more gradually, so you don’t get the “spike” effect you get from normal sugar. That’s too bad, because I would like to see that claim discussed more.


well it’s coming…my Huel order is down range and I’ll let you know what I think of it.


Well not too impressed with the launch of sales into the US market. They seem to not be prepared, the forums are clogged with shipping problem posts, my order has been unfulfilled for 5 days and others complain that they were told their orders had shipped when merely a label was printed. If it is growing pains or a larger issue will remain to be seen. I still have a months worth of Soylent so there is no urgency on my part, but if they can’t get shipping right I don’t know how long I am going to stick with them.


There were a few reasons that led to my wanting to try Huel and they mostly originate with 1.8. Firstly I wasn’t thrilled that they had switched from oat fiber to soluable corn fiber, just MY opinion. Also the grit has been present for so long, without any hint as to any plans to do anything about it. And lastly the higher protein content would reduce the amount I would have to supplement on Huel. So out of the gate if you want to try Huel I would suggest waiting, they are so back ordered right now I didn’t get mine for 2 weeks after my order was placed. It was a good thing I still had plenty of Soylent left so I didn’t go hungry, but I did eventually get it and gave it a try.

  1. Unflavored/Unsweetened - the name doesn’t lie, it was definitely not flavored nor was it sweet. It was palatable and I guess with a little Stevia it would be better. The texture is a little grainier but no grit if that makes any sense.

  2. Vanilla - I really enjoyed the vanilla, unlike the unflavored it was very sweet. The texture is the same as Un/Un

It wasn’t until my third try I discovered the perfect storm. 50/50 Vanilla/Unflavored. The sweetness was perfect with just a hint of vanilla and I got the impression it would take to additional flavoring better than just one. I have peanut butter powder I am going to try to mix into my lunch shake today and I expect that to be outstanding.

On a side note the Huel shaker they provided leaked all over me. I thought maybe it was my stupidity so I tried again…and got wet again. Good thing I have plenty of blender bottles.

Huel has made me feel sustained longer I think than Soylent as well. I would like to add that this is just my experience, and while I may be continuing on Huel (not 100% yet, lets see how the month progresses and how I feel on it for more than a couple days) You should continue to do what works for you. I will always be grateful for what Soylent has allowed me to do for my health and wellness and I would never recommend to anyone that enjoys it to stop drinking it. I will try to stay informed on future Soylent products and I still am excited about powder flavors, which I will likely try when they come out, if they are similarly priced.


You have to thread the top to the Huel shaker correctly. If you do so, you won’t have any problems with it leaking. Mine has never leaked a drop when the top was screwed down straight, but if you fail to do this, yeah, it will spew its contents all over the place. It’s very easy to do it wrong, but it’s also very easy to correct.

Look at the shaker from the side once you’ve put the top on. If it’s on correctly you won’t be able to see any of the lip at the top of the shaker container, or any of the threads. If you haven’t threaded it on correctly, the top will appear to be on at a slight angle, and part of the lip and threads at the top of the shaker container will be visible on one side.