Huel Dietician Comparison between Huel/Soylent/Joylent


Now that they’re in the US, I made an order for Huel to give it a shot after a long time with Soylent. I’ve switched entirely to Vanilla Huel after my first few shaker bottle servings. I’ve been playing with my Soylent 1.8 mix for a while now (been using soylent since 1.5), adding some additional protein powder and unflavored metamucil for extra fiber. I didn’t like the way that Soylent reacted with my lower gut and it always left me feeling more water logged than full. The vanilla flavor is, like some reviews have put it, a lot like cereal milk with some sweetness. I’m a fan of the flavor profile and won’t be picking up any flavor packs from Huel since this is already more tasty than unflavored Soylent.

I don’t know if you all have read the differences in design philosophies between Huel and Soylent, but the main one is that Huel is marketed to be a meal replacement for 1-2 meals a day, not all of them. That’s why it has the higher protein, vitamin and mineral amounts per serving. You can use it as a full meal replacement, but it fits much better with my system of “Soylent for lunch and afternoon snack, large dinner with partner and family.” The fact that it’s using more complex carbs, has more fiber with a lower overall GI is just bonus on top.

Since it uses so much pea protein, it is somewhat of a pain to scoop as the powder likes to hang onto itself in the scoop rather than evenly flattening out. I found that its less messy to scoop overall because of this, with more ending up in the mixing bottle rather than my hands or on my counter top. The bags themselves are rather large at about 1 1/2 the size of a gallon bag. They have a sturdy zip-lok style enclosure which rarely gets clogged with Huel in my experience so far.

Overall, I’m impressed. Soylent’s packaging, ingredients and flavor have always left me wanting for more, and I think they have a real competitor in Huel. I’ll be keeping my newsletter subscription open to Soylent making more improvements but I feel that, with the push to get in stores and the focus on the bottled product, I’ll be with Huel for the foreseeable future.

Here are some of the reviews I used to justify giving Huel a shot.


Thanks for the links! Going to read those tonight :slight_smile: I have heard of Huel a few times, but never looked into it. Will definitely be an entertaining read :smiley: Have you also heard of something called “Athelete Fuel”? That’s another one that is getting mentioned every now and then.


I think “Athlete’s Fuel” is one variety of a product that used to be considered a soylent-alike, but aquired its own separate identity. I forget the name of the company. It used to post frequently on this site, but is not around much these days. I miss it.


I went on the Athlete Fuel website to check it out and they have a lot of different formulas for people looking to achieve different goals! Have you ever had Athlete Fuel? I wish that Soylent would offer different blends. I would love a high carb low fat version with few calories, I am sure a lot of people would love a keto soylent, and an extra protein soylent, and one that’s more calorie dense for those trying to bulk… Ect, but also offer complete nutrition with that of course :slight_smile:


The company has to preserve focus and do a good job on the products it has. There have already been signs that it has taken on too much. Among other examples, I would say that releasing a Soylent Bar and then quickly dropping it didn’t look good. As with many good companies, good ideas aren’t scarce, but resources and expertise to carry them out properly are scarce.


A girl can always dream :wink: hehe, perhaps years in the future soylent will offer different blends <3


It’s @axcho that does the Fuel branded product.


Right, @axcho’s products are at There’s Super Fuel (which is an evolution of what started as the DIY recipe “Schmoylent”) and Schmilk (mixes with milk), Keto fuel and Athlete fuel, plus products for the DIY hobbyist like electrolytes and micros.


We don’t market our selves as a replacement for every meal :slight_smile: We only say that you can if you choose to. Any marketing you saw on the only Soylent diet side of things was done by users who wanted to duplicate our founders original self test.


I’m surprised by how excited some of yous are becoming. It sounds very similar to Soylent, but with some different ingredients which may or not taste better and be more nutritious. It seems fairly close to Jimmy Joy actually, which I thought was a good product but not superior to Soylent. Actually I came close to becoming a regular Jimmy Joy customer in addition to being a Soylent customer, but then Soylent addressed the difficulties I was having by adding more fiber in their next iteration (I think this was the evolution from 1.7 to 1.8 but I could be mistaken.)

It does make me think a little about the ingredients used. Soylent used to use pea protein (which I think is derived from lentils), and oat flour. I don’t know why they stopped - I’m not sure they provided a detailed explanation. It may have had to do with cost or texture. I wonder how Huel is able to provide those ingredients for only a little more money - and it does cost more, around 10% more than a Soylent subscription by my calculation. Maybe because of the US-Canadian exchange rate? Also, they are using more protein - which sounds cool, except that your body doesn’t need it unless the non-Soylent part of your diet is deficient in protein, and it probably isn’t.

Their marketing and product descriptions seem pretty similar to Soylent too - I agree with the guy who called it “head to head” competition. Huel tho seems to come in huge bags - I haven’t used those yet but I bet Soylent’s smaller bags would be more to my liking. The bigger bags can get contaminated more easily, water can get in there, etc.

Still, having said that, I will give Huel a try at some point. The mix of ingredients does seem a little more attractive than Soylent’s, even if they might not make that much of a difference once the body has digested them.


I was glad to try both Huel and Soylent, still the last wins it all


We use rice protein :slight_smile: We stopped because it settles and has strong flavor notes. It’s an inferior protein source to Soy. Soy is also a more efficient crop.

We don’t own the means to manufacture the product, so we have to work with co manufacturers which means another party to pay. That being said it afford us extreme flexibility.


The name Huel always reminds me of Thurston Howell, the Gilligan’s Island magnate.

I got a Super Body Fuel mailing today, with some tempting price specials, especially for Schmilk.


I wanted to try that, but I’m turned off by it needing milk. I don’t drink milk. (I am reminded by those old TV ads that touted a cereal’s nutritional benefits, and then a little voice would come in and quickly say, “Milk provides substantial nutrition.”) I want something that mixes with water.


I was about to order some Huel, but then I spotted a problem. It is only drinkable for 24 hours. And that is with refrigeration of course. Soylent is good up to 48 hours refrigerated, and you can get away with a little more time before it begins to turn sour. That is a big difference from my perspective because I usually make up a couple of servings at a time.