Hunger for money

The emphasis on flavors as nothing but a drive on the part of RF for more profit, it seems to me. This is a big contrast to Rob’s concerns in the early days.


yeah i hate having choices that taste better, they need to quit it


If they were all the same price as Original, then I would disagree.

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Is Soylent the only product in this arena that charges extra for flavors? My only other data point is Super Body Fuel which charges the same for flavored and unflavored.

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The idea is that people aren’t always in the mood for the same flavor/would love to start soylent but didn’t like the one flavor. Also the cafe line is trying to replace coffee and tea by containing caffeine, and really who doesn’t prefer cacao over original flavor 2.0? The original is good if you want a flavor you can ignore but chocolate simply tastes better.

I actually like cacao less than original. The chocolate flavor is too intense and not creamy enough for me, and I usually really like dark chocolate. Anyway that’s beside the point. I do enjoy that Soylent has more flavors. The downside is I like Chai so much that I finish my meal off in 5 minutes, rather than stretching it out (sipping on it) over two hours while I’m at work. Sipping Soylent seems to keep me from eating again so soon.

I prefer Original to Cacao (I like both, but still).

Ok, but i mean soylent 2.0 is based off 5 meals a day, so maybe pack 2 and drink each in 5 min chugs?

To my knowledge (which is no means infallible but I know of a lot of different companies), charging more for flavours is indeed unique.

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Well I’m on a calorie restricted diet so 2 bottles is 2/3rds of my 1200
calories in a day. I have one bottle from breakfast to lunch, one bottle
from lunch to the time I get home, and usually at home I eat a low calorie
solid meal. Anyway, I’m not really complaining about it. I love the taste
of Chai. I just need to drink more water with it and treat it like food
rather than a tasty drink. I was going to do that today actually but as it
turns out our office water cooler is empty AND we are out of cups. Oh well.

So eat/drink at least 1600 calories (unless you arw really short, female and highly inactive) and remember to drink water with soylent, and remember it is unhealthy to lose morw than a lb and a half in a week. Don’t starve yourself and have a wonderful day!

I am short, female and inactive, haha. 1600 calories is maintenance for me!


Then a healthy diet(meaning eating/drinking as much as you are hungry for of healthy food/drinks) and exercising regularly should bring you to a healthy weight for you. Remember people have different body types built for surviving in different enviromnents. So there some people who’s bodies store more fat than others incase food becomes hard to find while others store less fat to be more energy efficient(? Idk). Even if your the type that can survive better than others in less than ideal conditons, ideal conditions are much better for your health!

Tl;Dr exercise and eat as much healthy food as you want (without binging)

No, I’m very happy on Soylent. I love it and I will continue to use it. I just need to drink more water and remember to use Soylent as a food source only, not gulp it down like I would tasty drinks. The only time I get hungry when I’m on Soylent is if I drink it too quickly. I get that too full feeling, then two hours later I’m hungry. If I take it slow than I could stay content all day on three bottles, not full or hungry.

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Yeah, i feel that. I also find it in’t as long term filling when chugged, maybe the stomach needs time to prepare, and normally has time to do so if eating traditional food

The only way I consume a bottle of Soylent is by chugging it down in a few big sips with very little time in between sips (more so for efficiency related reasons than for flavor reasons though). Maybe that is my problem. I mean, I still go 4-6 hours without another bottle or other food source, but I sure do get hungry after ~2 hours a lot.

RF employs a flavor scientist, so someone has to pay the salary!

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