Hunger issues while using Soylent?


Hi there. I have been hoping for a product like this to come along, and now that it has, I’m eager to try it out. My first concern though is hunger. Not knowing as much about my body’s physiology as I perhaps should, will I still experience a perpetual state of hunger while using Soylent as a food-replacement?


While it’s not terribly easy to do a quick title search, many topics already on the board address this topic. (Legwork is required, sorry.)

TL;DR: many people are experiencing the new feeling of satiety, which is where you don’t feel “stuffed”, like after you eat a large meal, but you’re absolutely in a state of “not hungry”. This largely has to do with the balance of macronutrients like carbs, protein, fiber, etc.


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Yeah, @quantum , pretty much everyone who has been doing Soylent reports that they don’t feel hungry, as long as it’s got all the nutrients in it correctly. If your recipe is off on something, you’ll usually be feeling cravings for it.


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On my current recipe I am actually kind of hungry through out the day. It should be fixed in my next recipe though. I have found that the hunger is caused by lack of calories.
Also in this case I think it might be because I migrated away from oats and used the Malto as a substitute, which means that I don’t have any slow carbs. But as I said that should be fixed in my next version.


That sounds reasonable – that you would be kinda hungry throughout the day if you have no complex carbs. Update?


I’m still waiting for my ingredients to show up. I was hoping they would be here this week. I really hope they show up today, else I will have to mix up another batch of what I am currently using. I still have some complex carbs, but I don’t think that I have enough.


I honestly didn’t feel hungry for a day, BUT whenever I walked by a restaurant or some hot dog stand… it was hard! For that reason I ate 1 “regular” food a day.