Hunger Problem with DIY Soylent



I’m on DIY Soylent exclusively for three days now and I have a huge problem with hunger. So in short words: I feel hungry all the time.

Everything else seems to be normal body-wise, but I just can’t get rid of the feeling that I have to eat something. It’s only right after drinking one meal that I feel kind of full. But 1 or 2 hours later I am really hungry again. I first divided the daily portions into three, but today I took six meals and still no difference.

I just wondered if anybody else is experiencing something similar to me.

Here is the recipe I’m using right now:

I bought it from somebody from the netherlands this weekend. We met here in Berlin and he seemed very trustworthy, so I don’t think there is something wrong with the ingredients he packed for me. Instead of the whey I use soy protein isolate and take a little bit more than in the original formula.

I am no nutrition expert myself and so I thought someone else could check the formula or give me some advice what might be the reason for my hunger.

EDIT: Forgot to write that I am 23 years old, 1,75m and 62 kilos and did not move very much the last days because I am working at my computer at home and did not even go out of my house, so the ingredients of the recipe should be more than enough, or not?

Thanks in advance.


Taking a quick look you have a whole lot of maltodextrin in there, it’s a sugar so if you’re drinking in 3 doses like normal meals you’ll be prone to crashes. To help with crashes and make you less hungry I’d take malto down to 100g a day and increase your oat powder by 50g.
I’m using an oats recipe myself and I’ve been pretty satisfied eating just a half days worth.
When you say you bought it from someone, what do you mean?


I mean somebody else made the recipe, bought the ingredients and mixed them together and I got it from him to test it. Daily portions are pre-mixed now, so I can not take something out else than soy protein and oils, because those are not included in the daily portions.

Another thing I noticed just now: In the morning the hunger is really, really bad and I feel kind of sick because my stomach feels so empty. I think I am not feeling weak or dizzy at all, but this feeling of hunger is not bearable.

EDIT: The hunger in the morning is nothing new to me, I had problems with this on “normal” eating, too, but it just got worse.


Haha at first I thought you meant he’d sold you the actual recipe xD
You can still increase the oats if you wanted, just buy some more. Eating the Soylent steadily throughout the day will stop you crashing too, although maybe you don’t notice highs/lows in energy.
The other option is just to eat normal food too, I always tell people that there’s no rule that says you have to be 100% Soylent all the time. Have lunch or dinner if you’re still hungry.


Yes, you are right, I could eat something else, but I wanted to see the effects of soylent on my body and therefore I thought having a “pure” soylent nutrition would be best to evaluate the effects it has. I had my first soylent meal today and I think I will eat something normal after my second, because I am at a party tonight and I cant go with the feeling of an empty stomach the whole night.

Another thing I noticed is that it gets harder and harder to drink the Soylent, because for the one thing it does not taste that good (which I expected) and has a disgusting consistency (I do not like oatmeal gruel at all) and for the other thing my brain seems to connect this “empty-stomach-feeling” with the Soylent. Pretty much like you would be hungry and you would drink a lot to try to overshadow the hunger with something that does not taste well.


Yeah, I’d say this recipe is a bust from the consistency alone, but it may be salvageable. The calories are a bit low from what I’ve found. I’m at a 2500 calorie mix at this point and even with a sedentary lifestyle I have not put on any weight from the high calories.

I also have a high maltodextrin (200g) in my mix. What I’ve found that works is only eat when I’m actually hungry, eat only as much as I need and 1 for 1 drink water after the Soylent. Lots of times I do not feel full with Soylent alone, but once I get the water in me I’m much more full.


how clear are you on how many cals you need in a day? unless you are doing some serious quantification it can be hard to know. how reliable is your hunger as an indicator - do you struggle with weight? if not id just up your cals, but definitely work on making the mix more palatable - it’ll help a lot.


I got my need for calories based on this site:
and calculated with this factors:

My basic need should be slightly over 2000 calories based on my lifestyle right now, because as I said I don’t move a lot in the last days. I would say the main problem is that my stomach feels empty, because it is just filled with liquid, does that make any sense?


I think the consistency can affect it too, if you’re using a lot of water cut back maybe? If you’re not using much try adding more? It might just be about whether your body registers as full from just drinking water, I know a few people who drink loads of water and it doesn’t sate them.


I’d second @grantadevine’s advice. I noticed when I mix a batch that’s very low in water, it’s much easier to feel full (or too full if I chug too much.) This said, it does take some getting used to to know the difference between a physical fullness and being satiated, though in this case it doesn’t seem to be the problem.


Hi there, we sold the mix to @colon. We have been on this Soylent mix since June, nowadays only one friend and I are left of the group we started with and we still replace our breakfast and lunch meals. But because of the Berlin trip @colon mentioned, finances are tight so we will start a full Soylent diet again coming Monday. Since I bought kgs of ingredients in order to get everything cheaper we have a lot left, so we sell some here and there.

@colon: I wrote an email yesterday which I can’t find in my sent items, draft etc. Did you receive it?

What I wrote was that my advice is to add a banana, it really helps with the consistency and raises the amount of calories and shouldn’t be expensive. Also adding oats would help but the reason why we we don’t is because it would raise the Manganese levels beyond Rob’s maximum daily dosage.

Most of all, what I have found is that the fiber content matters a lot as well. I experimented today with adding more husk fiber and a banana (which is also fiber rich), which makes the whole also a lot thicker (I mixed to a total volume of 1.5L, water & powder combined) - and it made me full at just a couple of sips, every time all day (and I still haven’t managed to finish it). I will research and experiment with Guar Gum / Xanthan Gum to see how they work as thickeners and fiber. Hopefully I can say something about that after the weekend - but is a complex issue as they have effects on the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Either way, I have ordered some psyllium husk on for you to experiment with (start by adding 5g and then 10g - or if you want I can measure it out on a tablespoon for you).

Further, like what was already mentioned it is important to drink the stuff continuously over the day. For one because the maltodextrin is indeed metabolized quickly, which can give insulin spikes - which gives the up/down feeling. And also to take it up to the point of removing the feeling of hunger, or in general just preventing the feeling of hunger. That is when you know when you are satiated, instead of full.

So, try adding one banana and see how that impacts your hunger and what you think of the consistency. Then, try adding the husk and see how that goes. Otherwise, adding some oats could help as well.


Sorry for the late post, I was pretty busy in the last days.

Here is what I wrote in an e-mail to @create

"The hunger problems are getting much better with eating a banana after drinking the
second soylent (about 1-2 banans a day), but I can’t mix them in because
then the soylent is getting too thick for my taste. Also I am getting
more and more accustomed to the consistency and taste as the hunger is
getting better. "

I added some of the husk yesterday, I don’t really felt any differences, but it was just 5g in one meal. The only real difference I recognized was the taste, its much sweeter with the husk. I will keep you updated.


I’m not sure how helpful this is to you, but I’ve been on a 2/3 meal replacement soylent diet of 1800 calories per day for over a month now. I use rye flour, flax seed, cocoa, soy protein and milk - with over 40g of fiber per days worth, which may be why, but I’ve never had any hunger issues.

The other day I didn’t have time to mix my soylent, so I did my first normal-food only day in a month. The cafeteria at work counts calories for you on the receipt, so I was able to keep it to 1800 calories with normal food (rice, veggies, chicken/fish). I was starving all day. Before my soylent diet, I would never have fewer than 2000 calories, because I’d just eat until I was full. So for some reason my soylent is more filling for me… shrug

Again, sorry if it’s not helpful. I have no idea if it’s my recipe or me.