Hunger Relief Question


Is Soylent able to address hunger? Does it overcome those hunger pangs that cause us to “just eat”?


Rob blogged on this. Two things cause hunger … malnutrition and having nothing in your stomach. Soylent is eaten (even if it’s not food the way we think about it). And since it’s nutritionally complete, that shouldn’t be an issue either. You’ll basically feel hungry when you need to eat, you’ll drink your Soylent, and you’ll be right as rain. :slight_smile:


A small sample of people here drinking the common, high-carb versions of do-it-yourself Soylent said that they need to divide it up into many smaller servings (4 to 6) throughout the day to keep from feeling hungry between them. It seems like they’re fine with that though.

My mix is not high carb. I get the majority of my calories from fat. I have one drink at noon and another at 8:00pm. I sometimes get a little hungry just before mealtime, but that’s it.


In addition to the above, I have noticed that finer really helps with feeling full. That probably because fiber in indigestable, so your stomach/bowels won’t be empty, but for me going soylent is a clear improvement.

If your going more in the ‘Sugar Crash’ direction, you way want to lower the glycemic index of your food: less simple sugars (table sugar, HFCS) and more complex carbs (oats, darker bread, darker rice, darker pasta (how do you call that in English? In Dutch it’s “volkoren”, meaning full of grains)). Complex carbs take longer to digest, giving slower, more consistent energy levels. So no sugar rushes etc. This is true for any food, not only soylent btw.


For those of us who use a Soylent mix that contains a hefty amount of oil, (I’m told) the issue of feelings of hunger is reduced even further.


A high protein recipe would. Your sense of satiation is caused by a hormone and lots of protein supresses it.