I actually want to drink it!


I’ve been playing with the ratios in my recipe over the past couple of days and today I finally made something I actually enjoy! Here is the mix I just made.


That’s not bad. I’m actually debating getting some of that noopept. Let me know how that works for you.

It looks like you’re pretty low on Vitamin C, D, K, and your carbs are pretty low even for a low-carb plan. But those are all easily solvable. Overall, you’ve got a pretty decent mix there. More ingredients than I’d want to deal with, but it looks solid. Nice work.


14 ingredients is actually kind of low for a formula. My new formula is sitting at 40 right now.

I would take a look at your calcium levels as they are really high. Your copper is also kind of high as well, but you’re still within bounds.

Be sure to stay within the recommended dosages of the noopept. I am dropping it from my diet as it can have side effects, even at low dosages.


Okay, but the number of ingredients has no bearing on the completeness of the formula, so I don’t see how that’s a relevant point.


Very true. Although the formulas that tend to have more ingredients are usually the ones that have more accurate measurements for things. Meaning that it becomes easier to adjust individual values without having to repeatedly change the whole recipe.

My smallest recipe (which was also my first) was 16 ingredients, and it was a horrible mistake on multiple levels.


Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll pick up some of those Vitamin C crystals from Trader Joe’s. I noticed that you are getting a lot of vitamin K from your soy lecithin. What brand is it? I don’t see any on the Bob’s Red Soy Lecithin Granules.


What horrible mistakes did you make with your first recipe? Also, what side effects should I look out for with noopept?


The price was $16.48 a day.
Alive Liquid Multivitamin tastes like death. I also learned that I needed to refrigerate the Alive liquid, but I wasn’t. So I kind of got really sick from food poisoning.
My calories were far too low for me to survive on.
I had too much fiber for my body.
Too much Calcium.
Too little Magnesium.

The list just goes on and on. But I have learned my lessons, and I have adapted and fixed each and every problem as they have come up. I have a couple more issues to figure out, but I’ll get them fixed. I am hopeful that my new version will work out, that way I can stabilize before I start making macro changes to try and gain weight.


[quote=“SuperRob, post:2, topic:4744, full:true”]
That’s not bad. I’m actually debating getting some of that noopept. Let me know how that works for you.[/quote]

I started taking it a few weeks after I started my DIY soylent. I experienced some headaches for the first couple days, so I upped my choline intake and everything evened out. Since then I’ve found myself being more alert, I’m more productive at work, and I feel better rested on less sleep. I’ve also been having vivid dreams for the first time in my life—it’s like my brain doesn’t shut off.

If you’re up for doing some science on yourself (and if you’re doing DIY soylent, I bet you are!) I’d give it a a shot. I hear it’s not for everybody, but it’s been great for me.

I found it goes really well with vanilla flavored protein powder. The earthy plant taste is washed out by the mix of the citrus and the vanilla, so the end result ends up tasting like liquid custard.


It’s a Whole Foods house brand, near as I can tell.