I am interested but am quickly becoming frustrated


Hi, I have found through my Doctor that I have some food ingredient intolerance’s, particularly to gluten, olives and glutamates. It is quickly becoming evident that grocery stores and food companies love MSG in all its forms as a secret ingredient. So I watched this short clip on Soylent, sounded good, and best of all was it was supposed to be simple and cheap! But upon closer examination it isn’t all that cheap, and 4-5 months back ordered. Is it just expensive because you are just starting out, will the prices become more reasonable?

And most important of all, does this stuff have any free excitotoxins rolling around in it? Last thing any of us need is another source of MSG.


Sorry to say Soylent is not for you. It is contaminated with enough gluten to NOT be gluten free.

Just curious how much do you spend on food every month? Including grocery store, eating out, incidental snacks, etc.


it contained 20ppm, it needs to contain 20ppm or less (depending on the certificate) to be labeled gluten free, but it is still very low gluten regardless. (Doubt Dono is a celiac)


But dono could be better off going lesser than that. If he is sensitive/allergic to gluten, then lesser the gluten lesser the symptoms.


@Dono Are you a US resident? Because Soylent is pretty inexpensive for US food costs. Sure, it could be cheaper, but that won’t be possible until they achieve mass production efficiencies-- which they are still working towards. The larger the production quantity per run, the lower the per-unit cost.