"I ate Soylent for lunch every day for a month, and here's what it did for my skin and mental health"


Another 30-day Soylent challenge, but it is positive and from a female perspective:


Interesting. I’d like to see the same experiment repeated with Rice Crispies, for comparison.


I suffer from prominent circles under my eyes. There has been no improvements since I started consuming Soylent.

I can’t tell if my skin is better or not. I’m a guy; I’m completely unobservant of such matters. (That isn’t sexist, that is self-deprecating.) But like the author, pretty sure my mental clarity is much improved. But my previous diet was not good.


I too am a guy and never really paid attention to my skin. But I am noticeably less irritable than I was before.


I’m pretty sure my skin is clearer after starting Soylent. Probably because I don’t eat quite as much junk food (or a better quality of junk food.)

I’m pretty sure that nothing but makeup is going to help the circles under my eyes. That’s probably genetic.