"I Ate This: Soylent 2.0"

From the Toronto Star:


One of the worst articles on the internet between the auto play video at the top and the “If I can’t pronounce the ingredients I won’t eat it” argument at the bottom. I’ll expect an apology in the mail, Toronto Star.

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It’s shallow enough that it’s more like free publicity than anything else.


This…doesn’t really say anything. It’s pretty much just about the taste, nothing about the actual experience. What’s the purpose?


Anyone know what her source is on that? There are some discourse users who give off that vibe, but I don’t recall seeing anything like that from RosaLabs…

[quote]ingredients such as isomaltooligosaccharide, phytonadione, biotin, sucralose and dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate.
None of these sound delicious, which is what I hope our future to be.[/quote]
alpha-D-glucopyranose(glucose) doesn’t “sound” delicious either, but it’s a key contributor to the tastiness of most desserts. Why should the way an ingredient “sounds” have anything to do with its function? Is this writer one of the people who would vote to ban dihydrogen monoxide?